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Stars Who Put Family First: You Won’t Believe Who’s On The List

Becoming a celebrity isn’t always easy. Your energy and attention are no longer yours, and most of your private life consists of hiding and trying to escape the public eye for a few short hours. You often spend less time with family and friends and trying to build your career Not completely crazy.


Some celebrities have found a way to make it work and can put their family first amidst all the craziness of showbiz. Let’s take a look at some celebs who always put family first.

 Dwayne Johnson 

It’s hard to follow The Rock on any social media platform and not be bombarded with posts of him spending time with and thanking his family. As it turns out, the big man is just a big softie at heart who only likes being with his daughters.

Dwayne Johnson | Celebrities Who Always Put Family First | Zestradar

 Vin Diesel 

Not only does this man spend as much time with his family as possible, he even makes all the movies about family. There’s also the question of strapping a car to a space rocket. But still mostly about family.

Vin Diesel | Celebrities Who Always Put Family First | Zestradar

 David Beckham 

After retiring as a professional footballer, Beckham has turned his focus entirely on his children and family. He will always be involved in football in some form, but his number one passion is his family.

David Beckham | Celebrities Who Always Put Family First | Zestradar


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 Neil Patrick Harris 

The celebrity effortlessly hides his family from the spotlight and often gives you a glimpse into his private life. The best way I can make this combination work is to accept it and consider that fame and family are two sides of the same coin.

Neil Patrick Harris | Celebrities Who Always Put Family First | Zestradar

 Chris Hemsworth 

Chris doesn’t hesitate to share his private life with others and often posts photos of him and his family on Instagram. It’s amazing how nearly every MCU movie in the last 8 years has a guy who still finds time for the ones he loves in some way.

Chris Hemsworth | Celebrities Who Always Put Family First | Zestradar

 Jason Momoa 

Another big jerk like The Rock Jason Momoa takes his family with him almost everywhere. You’ll often find him at movie premieres with his kids, or posting pictures of his family on social media.

Jason Momoa | Celebrities Who Always Put Family First | Zestradar


After taking a few steps back as a singer, Shakira has fully developed as a mother and housewife. I guess all those royalties plus Pique’s salary at Barcelona does give a person enough free time to spend with their loved ones.

Shakira | Celebrities Who Always Put Family First | Zestradar

 Gal Gadot 

More than just an example on screen, the Wonder Woman star is a lovable woman who spends free time with her family whenever possible. Gal is just another example, it’s entirely possible to have a career and a family if you do things the right way.

Gal Gadot gives birth to third child


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