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8 Hidden details in The Big Bang Theory You overlooked

As we continue to watch The Big Bang Theory, new pieces of information continue to surface. The show is basically about science, jokes, geeky humour, and other generically fanciful stuff, so it’s only natural that there are loads of Easter eggs, hidden references, and other quirky elements for the viewers to spot. Here are eight things not in The Big Bang Theory that you heard about before.


Sheldon’s T-Shirts

You likely have noticed that Sheldon tends to wear a large number of different T-Shirts at the same time. They are mostly solid colors with some cartoons or images appearing on them here and there. But have you seen that his mood generally corresponds to the colour of his T-Shirt? The Green Lantern comic books offer a portrait of emotions and colours including red to symbolize anger, green to denote courage, yellow to represent fear, and blue to represent hope.

Sheldon’s T-Shirts | 8 Hidden Things in the Big Bang Theory You Didn't Notice | Zestradar

Pilot Episode

A pilot episode that has never ended up on the airscreens seems especially bad. It appears that the producers did not want to welcome it back and watch it after they had already watched it. Departing from behind solely masculine men and women, the scriptwriter team devised a supporting cast of a young woman and a fireman and put them in the position of the main character. It was the best decision they’d ever made!

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Pilot Episode | 8 Hidden Things in the Big Bang Theory You Didn't Notice | Zestradar

Flat Number

Wil Wheaton showed up on a show a few times playing a role of himself, and you might have noticed his flat number in one of the episodes when Sheldon came to his place trying to start a fight. The number was 1701 – a truly special number because it’s USS Enterprise’s serial number as well. You probably already know that Wil Wheaton got famous for starring in Star Trek: The Next Generation, so TBBT pays homage to that.


Laundry Details

You must be a very dedicated fan to notice this slight detail, but did you ever pay attention to the laundry characters of the show were doing in the laundry room? It might seem completely ordinary at first, but it actually matched the clothes they were wearing the previous episode! Their outfits may not change much from one episode to the other, but the cast was dedicated to keep details like this in order.

Laundry Details | 8 Hidden Things in the Big Bang Theory You Didn't Notice | Zestradar

Bernadette’s Voice

When Bernadette first appeared in the third season of the show she sounded pretty normal. As time went by and it became clear she would stay in TBBT for a long time, her way of talking started changing till it became the high-pitched voice we all recognize today. It turns out Melissa Rauch had to change her voice to sound different from Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny.



Bernadette’s Voice | 8 Hidden Things in the Big Bang Theory You Didn't Notice | Zestradar

Sheldon’s Mother

You might have already watched the TBBT’s spin-off Young Sheldon, but did you notice just how similar young Sheldon’s mother is to his grown-up mother from the original show? One could say they were actually related in real life. Well, as a matter of fact, they were! Laurie Metcalf played Sheldon’s Mom in The Big Bang Theory and for her younger version the showrunners of Young Sheldon casted her daughter – Zoe Perry!

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Penny’s Last Name

Did you ever hear someone say Penny’s last name out loud? Well, neither did we! It appears in the beginning of the show it didn’t really matter to the producers and scriptwriters whether she had a last name or not, so they just let it slide. Later in the show it came down to a kind of superstition not to reveal her surname, as if the success of the show depended on it! Believe it or not, but that’s the truth. She got her last name only after marrying Leonard, when she became a Hofstadter.

Penny’s Last Name | 8 Hidden Things in the Big Bang Theory You Didn't Notice | Zestradar

Leonard’s Glasses

This one is almost impossible to spot, so no wonder it went completely under the radar for so many seasons. We’ve all seen Leonard wear glasses starting from season 1, but did you ever notice they didn’t actually have lenses? It turns out, the lenses were reflecting too much light, messing up the shooting process, so the only solution was to use empty frames instead. Johnny Galecki was the one who revealed this magnificent piece of information, otherwise we would have never noticed!



Leonard’s Glasses | 8 Hidden Things in the Big Bang Theory You Didn't Notice | Zestradar

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