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‘It’s too much’: Chick-fil-A worker hides in bathroom after 2 customers offer to walk her to her car after her shift

A Chick-fil-A worker said two customers separately asked if they could drive her to her car after her shift ended, and now TikTok sparks a debate about workplace safety in the comments.


In a video posted by TikToker Des (@destini.j) on Nov. 26, she posted a clip of herself “hiding in the bathroom” after closing the restaurant. She said that early in her shift, a police officer came in and asked when she was off duty.

“He said ‘bet I’m here to get you to your car,'” she says in the clip. “A few hours later another guy came in and he was talking to me. I gave him food and he said ‘when do you leave work?'”


Des said she told two people the actual time her shift ended.

“He said ‘I’ll take you to your car here,'” she recalled. “What? No, too many.”

Viewers of the video, which had been viewed more than 818,000 times as of Tuesday, warned her not to tell customers at the end of her shift.

“Don’t tell people it’s not safe when you get out of the car,” wrote one user.

“Please never tell someone when you get off the bus, especially if it’s already late,” said another.

“Yeah, never tell a stranger when you actually got out of the car,” added a third.


In a follow-up video, Dess said the officer came back to the store to tell her he “had a call,” but “didn’t want [her] to think [he] wasn’t thinking of [her].”

“I hadn’t finished my work, so I said ‘that’s ok. Cool goodbye,'” she said.

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Des went on to say that the second person did not return to the restaurant.


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