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Legendary Comedian Hilariously Attempts to Recreate Iconic Celebrity Photographs.

Have you met Celeste Barber? She ought to. Celeste is a stand-up comedian who has over 6 million followers on Instagram. Her specialty? Flipping famous celebrity images into a more…real setting. She calls it “#celestechallengeaccepted.”


Celeste takes on: the entirety of Balmain.

It’s called fashion, look it up. While Balmain is luxury af, Celeste decided to go the DIY route.

“Some outfits can’t be worn in the rain,” she captioned it, which is…accurate!

Celeste takes on: Vogue.

Everything about this is art. She actually totally nailed Irina Shayk’s sweater, but the coffee cup lid earrings? That’s all her own ingenuity, and would make a killing on Etsy.

Celeste takes on: Platform sneakers.

Instagram | @celestebarber

Somehow, Celeste’s shoes look less insane than Cardi B’s do. WTF is that design? Do you have to walk like you’re in high heels the entire time? Has fashion gone too far? (Yes, yes it has.)

Celeste takes on: Kim Kardashian.

Instagram | @celestebarber

Skims? Never heard of ’em.

Celeste took two shots at Kim here: one, with the knockoff Skims, and two, with the caption.

“When you let your husband dress you,” she wrote, referencing the fact that Kanye gets final approval on Kim’s outfits.

Celeste takes on: Headphones.

Instagram | @celestebarber

Celeste takes on: Miley Cyrus

Instagram | @celestebarber

Celeste loves recreating Miley’s looks. She’s done a ton of them, including this absolutely incredible act of trolling.

Using an industrial blower just for the ‘gram? This might be legendary, folks.

Celeste takes on: Tulle, or something.

Instagram | @celestebarber

“Put a tutu on your head, they say. It’ll be groundbreaking, they say.” Celeste wrote on Instagram.

I just don’t have anything to say about this one. Sometimes you have to let art speak for itself.

Celeste takes on: Getting dressed.

Celeste’s recreation honestly makes more sense than the first part of this video. Why is she getting dressed like that? Why is she pretending she didn’t know the camera was there? Who is that video for?

Celeste takes on: Yoga.

Watching this actually hurt.

Celeste decided to try some yoga moves Danielle Acoff was showing off on her Instagram. It did not go well. Actually, it didn’t really go at all.

Celeste takes on: Queen Bey.

Listen, it’s hard to mock Beyoncé. If you do it incorrectly, the Beyhive will come after you and basically end your life.

This? This one worked. I can’t speak for them, but it could be Beyhive approved.

Celeste takes on: Chrissy Teigen.

I’m torn between being shocked that Chrissy fit the mockable bill, and completely understanding what a meme she is.

Either way, Celeste nailed this one!

Celeste takes on: Christmas.

Instagram | @celestebarber


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