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16+ Times Celebs will hardly ever forget their wardrobe malfunctions.

No matter what has happened to you, it is not uncommon for things to go wrong when we least expect them. Luckily, unless you are a celebrity, there aren’t usually tens of thousands of people seeing you when you are embarrassed, as it would be an uncomfortable experience for most. I believe this is one of the few times where I feel sorry for celebrities.

Meghan Markle’s forgetful stylist.

Getty Images | Samir Hussein, Getty Images

We’ll start off with a mild malfunction.

Fans were quick to spot that Meghan (or more likely, her stylist) forgot to take the sale’s tag off of the bottom of her dress. To be fair, it’s an odd spot for those tags, so we can hardly blame either of them.

And hey, at the end of the day, she’s a Duchess and we’re all just peasants, so who are we to judge?

Elizabeth Olsen and the pesky breeze.

Getty Images | Pierre Suu

Ladies, we’ve all been here, right?

Wearing a dress or a skirt on a windy day is a risky move, and Elizabeth proved to be a friendly reminder of this.

We’re not kidding, breezes don’t play.

Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

A.N.T Farm actress, Stefanie Scott, served as just another reminder that dresses and wind are not a great combination.

Which is a shame. Not everyone is out here looking for their Marilyn Monroe moment.

Katherine Heigl’s dress strap dilemma.

Getty Images | Ethan Miller, Getty Images

While accepting the award for Female Star of the Year during the ShoWest awards, the strap of her dress suddenly came undone.

She handled the whole thing like a pro, and Billy Bush was there to hold things in place so she could give her acceptance speech.

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Let this next little section be known as the “Chrissy Teigen Malfunction Junction”.

Because this girl has dealt with more than her fair share of wardrobe malfunctions.

There was the time that the slit in her dress ripped up “5 inches higher” than it should have been.

Rosamund Pike’s ripped dress.

While appearing on The Tonight Show, you could see horror grow across Rosamund’s face as she realizes the back of her dress has split open. “I might have just fallen apart from behind! My dress might have split,” she told Jimmy Fallon.

Fortunately, Jimmy put her at ease and joked that it was okay because he wasn’t wearing any pants.

Rosamund isn’t the only celeb to deal with a wardrobe malfunction during a talk show.

YouTube | Brice Sander

There was the time when Jennifer Hudson’s zipper on her skirt tore open while appearing on the Chelsea Lately show. Chelsea leapt to her rescue, but it was definitely an embarrassing moment for Jen!

Mariah Carey has even faced a fashion flop back in 2013 when the back of her dress popped open while live on Good Morning America.

YouTube | Clevver Muisc

Her assistant came running on stage to put it back together, and Mariah handled the whole thing pretty gracefully.

Taylor Swift handles embarrassing moments like a pro.

Getty Images | GVK/Bauer-Griffin, Instagram

Sophie Marceau had things under control.

Getty Images | Venturelli

During the Cannes 2005 Film Festival, Sophie’s strap slipped off her shoulder and revealed everything.

Still, she picked her strap back up and continued to smile for the cameras like a trooper.

Sofía Vergara can laugh at herself.

YouTube | Sam Robert

While at the 2012 Emmys, the back of her dress split open, revealing more than I’m sure she wanted to share.

Thankfully, this all happened off the red carpet, and Sofía was more than happy to share with her fans what had happened with her gown.

Margot Robbie’s face says it all.

Getty Images | Fred Duval

She was having some dress issues while posing for some photos at the Tarzan premiere.

Luckily her costar, Alexander Skarsgård, was there to save the day and make sure things didn’t get too out of hand!

Eva Longoria’s runaway button.

YouTube | Little Hearts

While chatting with David Letterman, one of Eva’s buttons on her blouse came undone. The show had to blur her chest, but Eva managed to laugh it off and get things in order like a pro.

Dakota Johnson came with the jokes ready.

YouTube | Little Hearts

While at the People’s Choice Awards, the back of her dress ripped as she hugged Leslie Mann.

“Leslie just broke my dress. Well, it’s not like nobody here hasn’t already seen my boobs,” she joked.

Nicki Minaj caught herself slippin’

YouTube | Little Hearts

During a live performance, Nicki was jumping up and down a little too much, and her cleavage spilled out. After a few seconds, she looked down and noticed what was happening. She seemed pretty embarrassed but laughed it off. The show must go on!

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She’s just being Miley.

YouTube | WTFacts!

During a live concert, the back of Miley’s outfit came almost all the way unzipped, and she had to call for help mid-song.

Fans cheered her on as her assistant took some time zipping her back up, but she played it cool!

She’s been through this before.

Getty Images | Kevin Winter

While performing at Calibash, Cardi realized that her dress was see-through just moments before she stepped on stage.

Instead of bailing, she sang with her hand covering her crotch area the entire time. She even took to social media to explain to her fans what went down.

Ariana Grande isn’t into it.

YouTube | The Dangerous woman Tour videos

While performing live, the clasp on her top came undone and she had to basically cross her fingers that everything would stay in place.

She attempted to reach back and hold it closed, which kind of worked. Overall, things weren’t nearly as bad as they could have been, and she still slayed the stage.

The show must go on!

YouTube | Lejacobini

Britney Spears had a similar wardrobe malfunction when the back of her bodysuit came unzipped.

Her backup dancers tried their hardest to zip it back up, but Britney was moving and dancing — a lot. It made it nearly impossible for them to get a good grip, and so she shrugged it off and finished the performance with her back exposed.


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