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Fitness Couple Confused After photo goes Viral: Comments popped up as to why.

Dan Henessy and Wendy Joseph met as students and shared a special relationship while they were pursuing their respective educations. While they might not have had time to get to know each other during those early years, their relationship blossomed when they were both in their twenties.

Ten more years after their anniversary, the couple shared a photograph of themselves on social media just like many people do, but several minutes after the snapshot was posted, it started going viral. They were unsure about the reason behind all the buzz until they clicked on the comment section to see how many respondents it had.

1. Their College Experience


Back in 2006 before social media became as popular as it is now, Wendy Joseph went to Montclair State University where she pursued public healthcare. Just like so many others her age, she was happy about the chance she had to expand her horizons while in campus. However, she did not know that there was a man she did not know about who was going to become such an important figure in her life during her college years and even beyond.

2. Mystery Man


During this time, Facebook was still new and had just started to gain popularity. People from different parts of the world had just started using it to connect with other new people. Dan was a sophomore at the same university Wendy enrolled in. As he was looking at his Facebook list of suggested new friends, Dan came across a lady called Daphne and messaged her in a very straightforward way. It was while he was going through Daphne’s profile that he came across Wendy’s picture. He was interested immediately and decided to send her a message too.

3. Getting to Know Dan


During these days, social media was still quite new so Wendy was not sure about how to react to the message. When she checked out his profile, she realized that he also went to Montclair University and was a science major. During the initial Facebook days, that was pretty much all the information that you could get about anyone. Later, Wendy asked her friend Daphne about it only for Daphne to tell her she received the same message from the exact same guy. Not good.

4. Love Triangle?


As you can see, a private message isn’t that private when you decide to send the same one to a pair of girls who just happen to be best friends. Keep in mind that this happened when Facebook was still quite new. It was very common to accept friend requests from random people and then leave them on read. That said, imagine the hit Dan’s ego took after he realized he had been ignored by two girls he was interested in.

5. Hit the Road, Dan


The two ladies unapologetically ignored Dan as they decided he came off as one of those playboys in campus. The last thing best friends want is someone to come and distract them from what brought them to school in the first place and even their friendship which was already rock solid. However, completely ignoring him was a bit difficult as Dan belonged to their social circles. They found themselves bumping into him very often. Besides, Dan wasn’t one to back down after rejection by two girls.

6. Persistence Pays Off


By this time, Dan no longer had interest in Daphne, he only had eyes for Wendy.  This might be because after so many unanswered messages, Wendy finally gave in and responded to him. Her response paid off for sure. The two started chatting consistently and in the process, Dan fell completely in love with Wendy. As such, he felt a deep need to meet her. He just did not know how to go about it. However, because of his determination, he came up with a plan.

7. The Invitation


Well, a party is just the place to meet that love f your life don’t you think? So Dan’s friend was supposedly throwing one and he saw it as the perfect chance so he invited Wendy. He didn’t actually expect her to show up but well, she took the invitation. Turns out it wasn’t true that his friend was throwing a party and as you can imagine, this was quite a hitch. He had to think and act fast. He put together a party very quickly and at the very last minute.

8. The Last-Minute Party


Dan asked one of his friends to host a big party the following night. He went further to request that his friend create a big hype so that it attracts a lot of people. That way, he could meet the love of his life that was Wendy. It’s crazy when you think of it because all their interaction took place virtually. Fortunately, his friends were understanding enough and managed to put something together to help save Dan from his dire situation. They were able to create the much-needed buzz and a lot of people showed up.  Can you imagine that all that was just for Dan to meet the girl of his dreams?

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9. “Party” Night


Can you imagine how scared Dan was deep down after having to pull together his friends to organize a last minute party, knowing that there was a chance that she would still not show up. Luckily though, there was no need to be so worried because Wendy actually showed up to the party. The two of them met and hit it off as soon as it happened. They had an electrifying chemistry which saw them talk and dance the night away. After some time, then guests left but these two stayed behind for hours just chatting.

10. The Mutual Friendzone


Despite their obvious chemistry, there was another tiny hitch. Wendy was not quite certain if this guy Dan that she seemed to like so much was the one for her. At this point, was it a shot in the foot when Dan put together this party? After all, the girl of his dreams was not sure he was the guy of her dreams. Thankfully, it was actually worth it as the two decided to take things slow and see how everything would turn out. Honestly being friends over the internet is not quite the same from being real life friends. So, they decided to be friends first and grow their relationship in that way.

11. Romance a-Brewin’?


As you can imagine, taking things slow was excruciating for Dan because after all, he was already in love with her. Regardless, Wendy was sending all the right signals his way except that he had to remain in the friendzone a while longer, which was not too interesting. It was killing him deep inside despite the fact that he had agreed to it. After six months, the two finally became an official couple. That said, Dan continued with his partying lifestyle and his list of Facebook friends kept growing significantly. Wendy trusted him completely though which was great since they had become boyfriend and girlfriend.

12. The Struggles of Independence


Throughout their time in college, the two remained boyfriend and girlfriend. Their relationship grew and even went past their college days. Sadly, Dan never left behind his partying ways. Wendy grew a bit suspicious of him but somehow managed to maintain a sense of trust in him. Dan did not exactly mess up. He really did not cheat, but his lifestyle was starting to get in the way of his relationship with Wendy. Soon, there was trouble in paradise. Wendy also started feeling like she had grown too dependent on her boyfriend Dan. This led to her decision to grow up a bit more but on her own. They had a very tough conversation about it that led to a breakup.

13. The Disappointing Breakup


The breakup was quite tough on these two, considering they had been together for so many wonderful years. They knew each other so well down to the most intimate details so the split was expected to be tough right from the start. That said, Wendy felt that this was for the best for the both of them. After all, it presented an opportunity for her to find purpose in her life and because Dan loved her, he wasn’t going to stand in the way of her reaching her goals.

14. The Making of a YouTube Star


YouTube was growing in popularity and this presented the perfect way for Wendy to finally find herself. She decided to start her own channel where her main focus would be hair care. The fact that she is a natural beauty made things even better for her as she was able to attract people faster. However, in a small way, it was a bit of a hindrance to her progress too. In short, it was a double-edged sword of some sort. She struck a chord with so many people who watched her channel and she became a YouTube star, but just a moderate one. With time, she grew and had 60,000 YouTube subscribers, several loyal fans who left messages on her different videos. Soon, she became so busy in her career.

On the flip side of things, Dan was still struggling to get over losing Wendy. This was despite knowing that he was right in letting her find her path in life. He did not get anything out of doing this himself and so he went into depression for about a year and a half, the amount of time in which they were separated. It took a very coincidental and unexpected bumping into each other for them to reconnect.

15. Reconnecting


It happened by chance while the two were walking on the streets one day. As you can imagine, when Wendy and Dan bumped into each other there was so much to catch up on. They had obviously missed each other because it did not take a very long time for a spark to ignite once again between these two. Their mutual friends were excited by this fact because they knew the two were meant for each other. They got back together and became an item once again. By this time, they had grown up quite a lot compared to how they were back in college and fortunately, Dan was not the same guy who lived for parties.

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16. Open to the Public


Since Dan had majored in exercise science, he decided to dedicate himself to a life of fitness during the time in which he was separated from Wendy. Both of them were actually very interested in fitness and wellbeing, something that strengthened their bond. As social media continued to grow overtime, so did their need to tell the world more about their love story. At first, they did not capture too much interest from people outside their group of followers. However, it took one post to completely change their lives.

17. 10-Year Anniversary


In just a short time, these two were able to pick up from where they left things off and even made the decision to share their anniversary with their many fans. It was an important anniversary, their tenth one. During this amazing celebration, they shared with their friends the story of how they met which is in a way embarrassing on Dan’s side. They shared just how quickly the two of them clicked, how they finally decided to start dating, the reasons that led to their breakup and also how they bumped into each other again after being apart for so long and got back together.

They generously shared their lovey-dovey moments, you knows, those that are common for people in their 20s. They didn’t put too much thought into it when they decided to share a side-by-side picture showing what they looked like when they met years ago and what they look like now. It was such a great picture but they just never thought it would get them the amount of attention they actually ended up getting.

18. The Viral Post

Oh boy, nothing could have prepared them for all that attention. The internet truly is powerful and that’s how some posts go viral without your knowledge or even understanding. Dan and Wendy found it wild that they were suddenly getting an influx of comments from all over the country.  They really did not get it so in trying to somehow understand what was happening, they decided to slowly check the comments to find some answers and well, they did find some for sure.

19. The Comments Section


People were actually very astounded and impressed by how much this couple had changed over just ten years. Someone even questioned why it seemed like they were aging in reverse. Other people were just interested in knowing the secret to their youthful appearance. It was all fun for them to learn that people appreciated their looks because truly, they looked undeniably younger. It then became even clearer that their love for fitness was the reason behind just how great and attractive they looked. Turns out the couple had the secret weapon to looking younger in their pockets for such a long time and didn’t even know it.

20. The Viral Fitness Couple


Since a lot of the people who saw their post were mainly focusing on how younger they seemed to be getting over the years, they thought it best to use their influence on social media to specialize on wellness and health. They became well known as “that fitness couple” and it was easy to see why. They put in a lot of hard work in making videos about how they manage t kip fit and with this, they finally found a new calling in both their lives. The best part is that it involved them doing things together.

21. True4You Fitness


Dan and Wendy went further to start their own business which they named True4You Fitness. For this, they created a separate YouTube channel and decided to create videos specifically on health and fitness so that their followers would benefit too from a healthy lifestyle. The goal for this channel and their blog was to enable them to share their life story and while at it, provide health tips and tricks that are easy to follow. It was easy for people to follow them as they do exactly what they preach.

22. The Trip to Europe


Aside from fitness, these two amazing people shared an interest in traveling and every now and then, they would take time to travel across the country sight-seeing and making new friends. One day, the two decided to travel to Europe and it is this particular trip that brought them to Paris, the city of love. While there, Dan and some of his other friends came up with another interesting plan. They all gathered in front of the Eiffel Tower. Wendy was in for the surprise of a lifetime and she didn’t even know this.

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23. The Paris Proposal


They were standing right in front of the magnificent Eiffel Tower in Paris with a good number of their closest friends nearby. It was the perfect moment and it was at the moment that Dan gave her a rose that Wendy got an idea of what was happening in the moment. She was so shocked she remained silent for a while. Dan, being so thoughtful had the entire proposal recorded and shared online for their fans to see. It was shared on the Wendy’s Curls channel. Well, just in case you were wondering, she said yes to the proposal. After all, they’d been through quite a journey together and had experienced what it was like to be apart for some time, only for them to end up together once again. It only made sense for them to have the desire to spend the rest of their lives together.

24. Wedding Bells!


Their proposal happened in a fairy tale manner during a trip to Paris back in 2016. However, it was not easy for the two to set up a wedding date because of their businesses. They experienced some unexpected delays and pushbacks but later in 2019, they decided to elope and get it over with. In typical Wendy style, she shared her special day with her followers on her social platforms. In addition to that, she even shared a video on her YouTube channel to allow her fans to witness just how great a day it was for her.

25. Similar in Every Way


Dan and Wendy were and still are very compatible considering just how similar the two are. This was the case even during their college days despite the fact that Dan was too much when it came to partying. The things they have in common include just how much they value their health, physical activity, nutrition and how much they love traveling. It is their love for similar things that brought them even closer together. Despite that year and a half when they took some time away from each other, they still knew deep down that they were meant for each other. This would explain why they had to bump into each other so randomly when they did on that day.

26. The Picturesque Couple


Dan and Wendy are truly a perfect couple in every sense of the word. The best thing is that they are generous with their fans, often sharing their different life experiences with them online. People from different places can see just how well the two complement each other. To this day, Wendy continues to share videos of the two of them together showing how life is for both of them.

27. It All Works Out!


When you think about it, neither Dan nor Wendy had any idea of what was to come when they went their separate ways before. She had just chosen to go on a journey of discovery and Dan was left sinking in depression but somehow managed to put in effort to get fit. The two never really forgot each other. They even had the option of reaching out to each other again through social media. When they met again, they simply picked up from where they had left things off.

28. South America and Asia


Ever since the two first got engaged, they dedicated a lot of their time to travelling. Among their most eventful vacations was one they had in South America and another in Asia. During these, they had so much fun meeting the locals, learning new cultures and trying out different foods that were mostly new to them. Wendy posted a video on how to remain in shape even when on vacation up on her channel. It is necessary considering how much you end up indulging in fatty foods throughout the day and also at night. It’s even more important if the trip takes several weeks to exotic places. This couple found their way around it and went ahead to share their newly found tips.

29. Settling in Costa Rica


Eventually, this couple had enough of the East Coast. They therefore decided t move from New Jersey to California. They spent a few years there before moving to Costa Rica. Throughout, they kept their fans engaged, telling them about the importance of following your dreams and different passions in life.

30. Boundless Love!


To this day, the couple happily publishes videos on their platform mostly focusing on both health and nutrition. However, every once in a while they take tie to answer questions from their beloved followers. After 14 years together, they are still in love with each other. If you’re particularly keen on learning what adventure they are going on next, simply watch Wendy’s Curls or just reach out to them to find out.




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