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Zion Williamson’s Bold MVP and DPOY Pick: Victor Wembanyama Set to Soar!


From one unicorn to another…

When he first came into the league, Zion Williamson was hyped up as a one-of-a-kind star. The New Orleans Pelicans star has a unique blend of size and athleticism that we’ve almost never seen in the NBA. Now, we’re seeing another unique talent blossoming in the NBA: San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wembanyama.

After the Pelicans edged out the Spurs in their latest matchup, Zion Williamson was asked about Victor Wembanyama. Zion had nothing but nice words for a fellow first overall pick, saying that the league has never seen someone of Wemby’s type, per NBA.

Pelicans’ Zion Williamson: “Victor’s a very special player. We were just talking about in the locker room, he’s a dude that can get two or three Defensive Player of the Years. I don’t want to put no label on it, but he can get Defensive Player of the Years and MVPs. We haven’t seen nothing like that. We’ve seen things close, but not like that. He’s an amazing player and I think, especially with (Gregg Popovich) over there, he’s going to continue to develop.”

Wembanyama and Williamson are completely different players, but the one thing that binds them together is their uniqueness. Just like how no one in the NBA has had the Pelicans star’s size, athleticism, and touch, we’ve never seen a 7’4 center move the way the Spurs rookie does. Wembanyama’s insane blend of height, mobility, and ball-handling makes him such a nightmare to defend.

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The Pelicans are quietly racking up wins in the Western Conference. The win over the Spurs bumps them up to 28-21 in the season, good for seventh in the Western Conference. Williamson, for his part, is playing some great basketball: he’s averaging a hair below 25 points per game on 60% shooting.


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