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Mother Monster Strikes Again: The Legendary Lady Gaga Sheds Her Old Skin!


After a period of silence, Lady Gaga returned with the song ‘Shallow’. Different from the image of a monstrous Lady Gaga, her new image makes the audience understand that Mother Monster is dead, only her golden voice remains.

Recently, Lady Gaga officially released the MV “Shallow”, in collaboration with actor Bradley Cooper. “Shallow” is one of the OSTs of the movie “A Star Is Born”. She took on the female lead role.

With a sweet and gentle ballad melody, “Shallow” talks about the journey of young people to find themselves in a busy and difficult world. This is also the story of the couple Ally and Jack in the movie “A Star Is Born” will be released in theaters on October 5.

If you are looking forward to the most bizarre shapes and strange outfits that make up Lady Gaga’s style, then in You will be disappointed with this MV. Without heavy makeup and personal styling like many previous music products, Lady Gaga surprised many fans with the rustic, natural beauty in each scene of the MV “Shallow”.

Besides, actor Bradley Cooper is no slouch either. in front of the “huge” Lady Gaga still makes an impression with her warm and emotional voice.

Since the song’s release, audiences and critics have highly appreciated this song. The rusticity and simplicity with the enchanting harmony remind the public of a loving Lady Gaga after a monstrous image.

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Just released a day ago, Lady Gaga’s latest MVs quickly made the audience excited by her charm. More specifically, no one can deny that after her time in hiding, Lady Gaga’s voice has become more beautiful than ever. This is considered a new and attractive spice in the rapidly growing hip-hop music scene. Congratulations Lady Gaga!


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