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West’s antics leave Taylor Swift fans fuming


Kanye West references Taylor Swift in his new song “Carnival” with derogatory lyrics.

According to Variety, the rapper’s latest track is part of the album “Vultures 1,” released on February 10th. Kanye West uses explicit lyrics, repeatedly mentioning sexual encounters. In one line, West writes, “I made six Taylor Swift.” Additionally, in the song, the rapper mocks the Me Too movement, comparing himself to R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, and Puff Daddy, individuals who have faced sexual assault allegations.

West’s actions have sparked outrage among many Taylor Swift fans. On social media platforms, they have collectively posted dissenting messages against the rapper, defending their idol.

The feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West dates back to 2009 when the rapper interrupted her acceptance speech at the VMAs, claiming that Beyonce deserved the award instead.

West và Swift trên sân khấu VMAs 2009. Ảnh: AP

In Kanye West’s song “Famous” (2016), he wrote about Taylor Swift: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? Because I made that b*tch famous.” The rapper claimed that Taylor had agreed to the lyrics, but she denied it.

Later, Kim Kardashian – West’s wife at the time – released a 25-minute video of a conversation between the two artists. In the video, Kanye discusses the song lyrics with Taylor, but the specific phrase “that b*tch” is not mentioned. Taylor seems pleased with the line and doesn’t find it offensive, suggesting Kanye should send her the finished song for consideration. However, when the song “Famous” was released, the lyrics about her were different from their conversation, leading Taylor to feel upset.

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Taylor stated that Kim had illegally recorded the conversation. In California, it’s unlawful to record or eavesdrop on a conversation without the consent of all parties involved. According to Taylor, the recorded conversation was edited and manipulated by Kim, portraying her as dishonest. After the incident, Taylor faced media and audience backlash, being labeled as a snake, implying deceitful character. In 2017, Taylor Swift released the music video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” believed to be a response to West and Kardashian.

In an interview with Time magazine after being chosen as the Person of the Year 2023, Taylor Swift recalled the dark period after being ostracized, called a snake due to Kim’s recording: “My career was stolen. I’ve never felt such a collapse in spirit. I moved to another country, didn’t leave my rental home for a year, scared to make phone calls. I distanced myself from most people because I didn’t trust anyone.”

Taylor added that after many years, she learned a lesson: “It’s meaningless to try to beat an enemy. Trash always takes itself out.”


Kanye West, aged 48, is a famous yet controversial rapper in the American entertainment industry. He has received 24 Grammy Awards throughout his career. Besides music, Kanye West is also involved in the fashion industry. The rapper was previously married to Kim Kardashian from 2014 to 2022. West ran for president in 2020.

Taylor Swift, aged 35, is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame with her country music in 2006. With 10 albums released, Swift has won 14 Grammy Awards and 29 Billboard Awards. In addition to touring, she has re-recorded albums like Fearless, Red, and 1989. Currently, her Eras Tour is sweeping the world, helping her become a billionaire.

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Taylor Swift has sold her private jet. While rumors have circulated online and in entertainment news outlets, there has been no official confirmation from Taylor Swift or her representatives. If accurate, this could be part of her financial strategy, typical among celebrities, to manage assets and optimize financial resources.

American singer Taylor Swift has sold one of her two private jets, worth $44 million, after over a decade of ownership.

On February 8th, Business Insider reported, citing information from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, that the voice behind “Love Story” sold her Dassault Falcon 900. The transaction was completed on January 30th, with the aircraft now belonging to a company based in Missouri.

While the contract value was not disclosed, according to Business Jet Traveler, a new Dassault Falcon 900 typically costs around $44 million. Taylor Swift’s remaining aircraft is a Dassault 7X, capable of carrying up to 16 passengers.

Bên trong chiếc Falcon 900. Ảnh: Dassault

The singer purchased the Falcon 900 in 2011, and she often used it for touring or travel purposes. She adorned the aircraft with the number 13 (considered her lucky number and her birth date) on its nose. With a capacity to carry 12 people and spacious interiors, passengers could move comfortably, feeling as if they were in a luxurious apartment.

Equipped with a functional kitchen, the aircraft allowed Taylor Swift and her team to enjoy their favorite meals while on the go. The Falcon 900 also featured a bathroom with a shower, a private bedroom, enabling the singer to rest during tours across different time zones.

Taylor Swift tại lễ trao giải Grammy hôm 5/2. Ảnh: Billboard

The aircraft is one of the assets of Taylor Swift that garners public attention. In 2022, she topped the list of celebrities with high carbon emissions from private jets, negatively impacting the environment. In 2023, she flew over 166 hours by private jet for touring in the United States. However, Taylor Swift’s representatives argue that she is not the sole user of private transportation. Additionally, her team stated that Taylor’s aircraft is often lent to others, making it impossible to attribute all flights to the singer.

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Taylor Swift’s flight schedule is also closely followed by her numerous fans. On February 6th, Swift’s legal team threatened to sue 21-year-old student Jack Sweeney for tracking and disclosing information about Taylor Swift’s flight itinerary. According to Swift’s representatives, this action causes “irreparable physical and emotional harm directly” to the singer and her family.

Taylor Swift, aged 35, is an American singer-songwriter who rose to prominence with her country music in 2006. In addition to touring, she has released re-recorded albums like Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and 1989. Last year, the talented artist enjoyed tremendous success with the Eras Tour, boosting her net worth to around $1.1 billion. On February 5th, she won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, becoming the only artist to win in this category four times.


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