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LeBron James’ Side-Splitting Response to Shot Clock Snafu in Warriors Showdown


A major gaffe late in the game had the Lakers star questioning his age.

The Los Angeles Lakers came into Saturday with a huge game against the Golden State Warriors in terms of potential Western Conference seeding implications. Both teams are jockeying for the final two play-in spots in the West. But perhaps the biggest story in the Lakers vs. Warriors game turned out to be the NBA’s own incompetence. Following a shot clock malfunction that took an insane amount of time to fix, Lakers star LeBron James could be seen expressing his disbelief.

James could be heard saying, ‘I’m too old for this s**t,” on camera with a grin. The entire time it took the officials to finish what they were reviewing and then to get the clock operating and resume the game was 16 minutes. At that point, the Lakers were trialing 124-117. They ended up losing the game, 128-121.

LeBron James finished with 40 points, eight rebounds, nine assists, one steal and one blocked shot in the Lakers loss to the Warriors. He shot 15-23 from the field, 3-5 from the three point line and 7-8 from the free throw line.

With the loss, the Lakers are essentially tied percentage-wise with the Warriors. The Lakers are now 36-32 while the Warriors are 35-31. The Warriors currently hold the head to head tie-breaker with both teams having one more game against each other on April 9. While both teams can still potentially move up in the standings, it’s looking increasingly likely that neither one will reach the sixth seed. Both the Lakers and Warriors postseason hopes will hinge on the play-in.

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