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Unstoppable Force: His Tenacity Shook the Floor


LA Lakers star LeBron James has had countless games against the late Kobe Bryant. This season, the Lakers will reveal the statue that will further immortalize the legacy of the Black Mamba. James is the current star of the team that Bryant led during his 20 years in the league. The 20-time All-Star recently took a moment to reflect on Bryant’s legacy.

When Bryant was active, the two stars were often compared to one other. Aside from the debates, they shared a mutual respect for how each other approached the game. Debates would often arise as James and the late star were the two biggest names in the NBA at one time.

Being competitors, LeBron knows the impact that Bryant left on the league. His influence is still felt to this day. James was asked about which iconic moment of the Lakers star’s career should be encapsulated in the statue.

According to the four-time champion, the amount of unforgettable moments and accomplishments that Bryant has makes it difficult to decide.

“I don’t think he has one image that pops up in my head and says, ‘That should be immortalized in the statue,'” James said. “There’s too many memories, too many plays, too many moments that he’s had.

“He had a game that was–he didn’t have any flaws. You just have to be on your toes throughout the course of how ever many minutes he was playing. Which is probably going to be 40 minutes plus… He was relentless on the floor.”

During Bryant’s playing days, many were hoping for the two to have a showdown in the NBA Finals. While that didn’t happen, fans are still satisfied with how their careers have connected and the legacies that they’ve built.

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LeBron James’ teammate reflected on Kobe Bryant’s career

D’Angelo Russell is one of the many player currently playing alongside LeBron James on the Lakers. He had a chance to play with Bryant during his final year in the league. Despite only playing one season with the legend, the point guard learned a lot. Russell took the time to look back on the legacy that the Black Mamba left.

“I think there should be a ‘Kobe Day,'” Russell said.

“The biggest thing I learned was just how he moved. Not what he said, not anything directly toward me… I didn’t know how big of a deal that was but when I look back on it, a lot of it, those were vivid memories for me.”

The short time that Russell and Bryant shared left an impact on the young point guard. When he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets a few years later, he transformed into an All-Star and showed his ability to lead.

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