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NBA Superstars Unleash Epic Demolition on Casual Ballers: Prepare to be Wowed!


While NBA players generally enjoy competing against the best of the best, there are times when NBA players like to dominate casuall ballers.

NBA players are clearly the best basketball players in the world. Equipped with special talent and physique combined with the training and experience from the league, these players are easily a cut above the rest of the world, at least individually.

However, that hasn’t stopped curious casual ballers from challenging these basketball stars. Although their curiosity and daring intentions are to be lauded, it usually never ends well for them. Let’s take a look at 10 moments when NBA players destroyed casual ballers.

Brian Scalabrine owns high school baller

Brian Scalabrine isn’t known for being an impactful NBA player during his playing days. However, he did carve out the nickname of “White Mamba” thanks to his efforts for helping the Celtics win an NBA championship as a benchwarmer. But while he was just a role player back in the day, Scalabrine proved that even the benchwarmers in the NBA are still miles ahead of any regular hooper.

Glen Davis still got it

Speaking of the Celtics, another player on that 2008 NBA championship team was Glen Big Baby Davis. Long retired from competitive basketball, that didn’t stop the NBA champion from answering the challenge of YouTuber Cash Nasty. Unfortunately for Cash Nasty, Davis imposed his size and even added more range to his game during postretirement to dominate the YouTuber, 12-6, in their matchup.

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As part of Kevin Hart’s show, Paul played alongside Hollywood celebrities Jack Black and Kevin Hart. They also invited a kid named Erik.

Unfortunately, when it looked like Erik had a free layup to start the game, the 12-time All-Star showed no mercy by rejecting the shot out of the park. Paul isn’t one to block shots like a rim protector in the NBA, but he just couldn’t resist getting that one.

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s dominance in China

The Greek Freak eventually dominated the NBA. However, it seemed like Giannis actually honed his skills during a basketball camp.

Held in China, the two-time MVP was spotted doing MVP things against the participants way before he achieved all his accolades in the NBA. The students, however, were entertained by Giannis’ potential.

Michael Jordan’s pressure-packed shots

Michael Jordan proved that he was the GOAT of basketball, during his playing years. Now long retired from the game, His Airness proved that he’s still got it.

During a basketball camp, Chris Paul challenged Jordan to make three shots, otherwise the kids from camp get free Jordan sneakers. Despite all the pressure, Jordan easily swooshed those jumpers.

As an elite scorer, James Harden is also one of the best ballhandlers in the league. In fact, Harden has thrived on isolation plays in the NBA for many years. Unfortunately for the kid in his basketball camp, he surely didn’t stand a chance going against him one-on-one.

Dubbed as the next face of the NBA, Luka Doncic has been playing professional basketball since he was a teenager. Although a lot of regular people will find it hard to score over a 6-foot-6 defender, for Doncic, it was minced meat.

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In fact, Doncic scored all over YouTuber Cody Jones of Dude Perfect with ease. After appearing on Dude Perfect, Doncic was rewarded with a horned toad.

Joel Embiid brings out the windmill

The reigning MVP Joel Embiid is arguably one of the top centers in the NBA today. As a skilled center, Embiid can surely punish his opponents in many ways.

And when you bring him out to the park to play streetball, even a not-so-serious Embiid is a clear cut above the rest. In fact, he even pulled out a wild windmill dunk on a stranger.

Not a lot of NBA players show up at Harlem’s Rucker Park. However, Kevin Durant became one of the exceptions when he pulled up during the NBA lockout in 2011.

Against street ballers not playing in the NBA, Durant easily stamped his class by exploding for 66 points while going 9-for-11 from rainbow country. To add more weight to his feat, it was the first time the two-time NBA champion played in the famous outdoor basketball court.

Kyrie Irving goes undercover as Uncle Drew

In a Pepsi marketing campaign, Kyrie Irving showcased his ability to thrive on and off the court. The NBA champion produced the short film series of Uncle Drew, which saw Irving disguised as an old man that challenges casual ballers in the park.

With an old-man disguise, casual ballers were left in awe by Uncle Drew’s skills, helping propel Irving as an elite guard in the NBA. Other basketball stars in disguise in the series were Kevin Love, Nate Robinson, Maya Moore, Baron Davis and Ray Allen.

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