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Snoop Dogg Bobblehead Reunited with Cantina Laredo: Culprit Caught!


Snoop Dogg has been returned home and the man Lee County deputies believe is responsible was arrested.

A worker at Cantina Laredo said the bobblehead, valued at $1,250, had been returned. The worker sent a text to a WINK News reporter with a new image of the statue back in his original place, near the cash register.

General manager Joy Duda confirmed the statue’s return Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, Rocco John Benedetto was booked into the Lee County jail in connection with the crime. He has since bonded out.

Duda believed someone urged Benedetto to return the figurine after the story was shared by Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers and on the news.

WINK News was told Benedetto asked the manager not to press charges.

Investigators said he removed the 43-inch tall figure from the Cantina Laredo restaurant on Big Pine Way in South Fort Myers on Monday night.

According to security footage, he was seen moving the figure closer to him as he prepared to leave before picking it up and walking out the door.

The restaurant staff said when the statue came back, he tried handing it off like nothing ever happened.

They said he told the kitchen manager to put in a good word for him with the general manager, saying he didn’t want to get in trouble.

Unfortunately for him, the crime rises to the level of grand theft.

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To put it bluntly, people have an unusual and deep connection to this statue.

“Everybody gets down on their knees and takes pictures. Little kids love him. He’s probably the most loved thing here,” Duda said.

And Duda said Benedetto knew it, and that’s why he brought Snoop back 24 hours later, reuniting the regulars with their best bud.

What is clear is that patrons are happy to have it back.

The sheriff’s office said Benedetto is no stranger to the law. They said he has a history of DUI manslaughter from back when he was in New Jersey.

Benedetto bonded out of jail Wednesday night, and he’ll be back in court in March.


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