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Nightmarish Trade Deadline Looms over Warriors in 2024: Brace for a Basketball Shakeup!


The Warriors must make moves at the trade deadline.

Stephen Curry dropped a 60-burger on Saturday night, but the Golden State Warriors still lost to the Atlanta Hawks in overtime. That last sentence is the epitome of their 2023-24 campaign as Curry has been carrying the Warriors, but his teammates have been glaringly inconsistent on both ends of the floor. Golden State is still 12th in the Western Conference with a 21-25 record, which is one game below 10th place and five-and-a-half games behind sixth place.

Even if they make a huge splash before the trade deadline, it is likely the best-case scenario for the Dubs is a play-in berth. For a perimeter-oriented team, there are nights their outside shots are not is not falling, but dropping to 22nd in defense this season has been a death-knell for a franchise with championship aspirations.

The NBA trade deadline is less than a week away, and these are plausible nightmare scenarios for the Warriors

None of the Warriors’ key rotational pieces are moved

Warriors' Andrew Wiggins looking sad [NBA trade deadline]

It has been reported that neither Klay Thompson nor Draymond Green will be moved unless the front office is granted approval by Curry. It is unlikely that he will pull the plug because of the all the memories they have experienced together, so it is more realistic to move someone like Andrew Wiggins, Chris Paul or even Jonathan Kuminga.

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These three players are the biggest assets that can be moved before February 8th, but if I was the Warriors, I would avoid seriously considering shipping Kuminga out. He truly broke out in January, and is one of the few guys that brings ferocity and athleticism on every given night. The majority of Golden State’s core is over 28, so Kuminga is the main piece for the team’s future.

Even if he is the individual who will command the most suitors on the market, the Warriors must be more open to negotiating deals with either Wiggins or Paul as salary filler to acquire an All-Star or star-caliber player. Including Moses Moody or Brandin Podziemski is not advisable, but if they really want someone like Jerami Grant or Miles Bridges, then maybe it can be considered.

Golden State’s Big Three is running out of time, so the front office must act proactively and brilliantly.

Golden State misses play-in tournament

Warriors' Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr

The Warriors’ offseason will be especially difficult if they stand pat at the trade deadline and miss the play-in tournament. Thompson will be a free agent, so they will either need to pay up to keep him or there is the looming possibility he signs elsewhere. Moreover, the continuous frustration of Kuminga and Moody may be magnified again if Golden State doesn’t take strides after the All-Star break.

These are all situations that Mike Dunleavy Jr. and the rest of the front office must be ready to confront. Shedding Jordan Poole’s contract last summer was a win for Golden State, but the team still has over $85 million committed to Wiggins over the next three seasons.

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The Warriors have the highest payroll in the association, but they are far from competing for a championship. They must try to change that at the trade deadline.


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