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Allen Iverson’s Bold Claim: Scoring 43 Points a Game in Today’s NBA


The 76ers legend explains why he would dominate in today’s NBA.

There’s no denying that scoring is up across the NBA in recent years.

An emphasis on the 3-pointer, limiting defenders’ ability to hand-check, and increased pace have all pushed NBA scoring into the stratosphere. So, it makes sense that Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson think he would average 43 points per game in today’s NBA.

Iverson explained exactly why on Wednesday when he joined The Big Podcast with Shaquille O’Neal:

When asked by O’Neal what he would average in the NBA today, Iverson responded, “I lost the scoring title to Kobe the year he averaged 35. I averaged 33, and I’m just thinking, like, if I was to play in this era, where it’s wide open…if I can average 33 in a season, I’m going to just take it up to 43. I know 10 points more.”

If anyone could average more than 40 points in the modern NBA, it’s Iverson – one of the most tenacious scorers the league has ever seen.

On the podcast, Iverson also spoke with Shaq about his all-time starting five, why Kyrie Irving is the best ball-handler to ever play in the NBA, and dropped a hilarious assessment of Luka Doncic and his style of play.

“I’m not even I ain’t… you can go there but I ain’t even want to go there you know what I mean that goes without saying 73 sure I’m talking about his style like it’s just it’s kind of like Streetball mixed I mean like mixed in with the streetball and then I don’t want nobody take this the wrong way.”

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“White he plays like a white guy?” Lefkoe interjected.

“No he plays like a black guy,” Iverson responded.

Find the latest edition of The Big Podcast here.


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