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Jimmy Butler’s $260k Slam Dunk of Disappointment: The 1-Game Suspension


Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler has to pay more than a quarter of a million dollars after getting involved in a fight during a game.

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler can’t be happy with the amount of money that’s going to soon be leaving his pocket. Butler is fined nearly $260,000 by the NBA over a fight that occurred in a Heat-New Orleans Pelicans game, per ESPN. He is also set to serve a one game suspension for the incident.

Butler was involved in a skirmish along with several other Heat players during a game Friday against the Pelicans. The brawl occurred in the fourth quarter of the game with the Heat leading by four points. Pelicans forward Zion Williamson was fouled by a Heat player, and some of the other Pelicans’ players took issue.

The incident unraveled into a shoving match and physical altercation that got four players ejected from the contest, including Butler. Butler’s $259,968 fine is by far the largest of any of the players involved in the incident. It’s the latest case of the NBA cracking down on fights this season, resulting in fines and suspensions for players.

Butler isn’t the only player for the Heat that is getting fined. Thomas Bryant and Nikola Jovic must also cough up some dough. Two players for the Pelicans, Jose Alvarado and Naji Marshall, were also fined for the incident.

The Heat will have to go without Butler when the team plays the Sacramento Kings on Monday. This season, the forward is averaging 21 points while shooting better than 50 percent from the floor. He is also grabbing 5.6 rebounds a game for Miami.

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The Heat head into the game against the Kings with a 31-25 record. The team sits at eighth in the Eastern Conference.




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