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Fabolous Discovers a Hilarious Fake Chris Brown in Croatia – Must See!


Fabolous Hilariously Finds a Fake Chris Brown in Croatia – Watch

Chris Brown is the latest hip-hop star to have his look-alike go viral, and it’s thanks to Fabolous.

Loso is currently in Croatia, according to his Instagram Story. In the latest clips, posted on Monday (July 11), the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper is at a pool party when he spots someone who looks eerily similar to Chris Brown. Faux Breezy is rocking a trucker hat, ripped jean shorts, a colorful shirt and a shoulder bag.

“Am I high or is this Chris Brown?” Fab captioned the first clip of the look-alike mingling in the crowd.

In a second clip, the Chris Brown doppelgänger busts out some quick dance moves.

“Yeah that’s Breezy….Knew I wasn’t crazy,” Fab captioned the snippet along with a crying laughing emoji.

“Croatian Chris Brown got it!” Fab wrote on another video of bogus Breezy vibing out next to the pool. “Cro Breezy with the dance moves.”

Rapper look-alikes have been making headlines this year. Lil Durk’s look-alike, Perkio, ran into trouble earlier this year when he got caught up in a plot by 6ix9ine to diss Durk. Perkio later denied he was in on the stunt, where Tekashi made the Instagram star put on a R.I.P. King Von jacket.

Fake Drake has capitalized on his 15-seconds of fame as well. He even claimed he was getting a $10,000 appearance fee at one point. Last month, video surfaced of Fake Drake getting kicked out of a club, though he later claimed it was promotion for the real Drake. Earlier this month, Fake Drake got removed from Instagram, causing thrilled reactions from social media users. A DJ Khaled look-alike has even gone viral.

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See Video of Fake Chris Brown Below


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