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Jaw-dropping! Devin Booker spills shocking secrets behind unbelievable 62-point game in devastating loss to Pacers


Suns star Devin Booker scored a whopping 62 points on Friday night, but it wasn’t enough to put away the Pacers.

The Phoenix Suns just can’t catch a break this season. They were hyped up as one of the teams to beat in the West after trading for Bradley Beal. As we approach the midway point of the season, though, Phoenix finds themselves in sixth place. They have a fine record, to be fair (26-19 is by no means a bad team), but it’s well below the top teams in the league right now.

Their latest unfortunate loss came in the midst of Devin Booker‘s season-best scoring output. Against the Indiana Pacers, Devin Booker had 62 massive points for the Suns. It was a brilliant game from the star, as the team needed every single point from that game. However, in a shocking turn of events, Phoenix wasted this magnificent game after losing 133-131.

After the game, Booker talked about his insane performance and the final moments of the game. The Suns star had some thoughts on how his final shot was called, but ultimately it seems like he is keeping a cool head, per Duane Rankin.

“”Just a little bit. I don’t expect them to call that in that situation.” Devin Booker on last shot as Aaron Nesmith defended his 3 in #Suns 133-131 loss at #Pacers… Felt there was more contact when he looked to get the inbound. Season-high 62 with 29 in 1st. “Being confident.””

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This isn’t the first time Booker went off in a massive way. A few years ago, Booker lit the NBA on fire when he scored 70 points in a Suns loss to the Boston Celtics. Back then, fans had gripes about how the star got 70 points. This time around, Booker’s scoring output came in a game where his team seemed to need every single point from him.

The loss is rough, but the Suns have plenty of time to recover from a loss like this. They still hold a playoff spot, and the gap between them and the highest seed in the West isn’t that far. However, they’ll need to convert on performances like this from Booker or Kevin Durant or even Bradley Beal. If they waste any more games like this… they will undoubtedly not make it far in the playoffs this year.


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