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NBA’s Swish Kings: The All-Time Top 10 Sharpshooters That Dominated the Court

Top 10 Shooters in NBA History

Title: Top 10 Shooters in NBA History

In the realm of professional basketball, there have been countless players who showcased incredible shooting skills. However, only a select few can be considered the true marksmen of the game. Let’s take a look at the top 10 shooters in NBA history who demonstrated precision, consistency, and finesse with their shooting prowess.

Stephen Curry's Net Worth and Businesses—He's Won Player of the Week 20 Times

  1. Stephen Curry:
  • Widely regarded as the greatest shooter of all time.
  • Renowned for his deep range, quick release, and exceptional shooting percentages.
  • Curry’s ability to create his own shot and make contested threes is unparalleled.

Ray Allen has talked to Celtics and Bucks about possible comeback - NBC Sports

  1. Ray Allen:
  • A sharpshooter with a beautiful shooting stroke.
  • Known for his clutch shooting moments, including his iconic shot in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals.
  • Allen finished his career as the all-time leader in three-pointers made, with 2,973.

Legends profile: Larry Bird | NBA.com

  1. Larry Bird:
  • Recognized for his versatility as a scorer and his deadly shooting accuracy.
  • Bird’s shooting range, fadeaway jumpers, and ability to shoot off the dribble made him a nightmare for defenders.
  • A three-time NBA champion and one of the most competitive players in NBA history.

Reggie Miller' 8 Points In 9 Seconds - Basketball Network - Your daily dose of basketball

  1. Reggie Miller:
  • A pure shooter with an innate ability to knock down shots from anywhere on the court.
  • Miller’s clutch shooting and ability to come through in big moments earned him the nickname “Knick Killer.”
  • Retired as the NBA’s all-time leader in three-pointers made before Ray Allen surpassed him.

Q&A: Klay Thompson talks 2022-23 expectations, Draymond Green-Jordan Poole drama | NBA.com

  1. Klay Thompson:
  • Renowned for his lightning-quick release and precision.
  • Thompson’s ability to catch fire and score points in bunches is legendary.
  • Part of the Splash Brothers duo alongside Stephen Curry, he helped revolutionize the modern game of basketball.
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Kevin Durant | Phoenix Suns | NBA.com

  1. Kevin Durant:
  • An outstanding shooter with a unique combination of height, length, and shooting ability.
  • Durant’s scoring ability from anywhere on the court, including his unguardable pull-up jumper, makes him a matchup nightmare for opponents.
  • Known for his ability to make tough shots look easy.

2023 Basketball Hall of Fame: How Dirk Nowitzki changed the game and became a legend - Yahoo Sports

  1. Dirk Nowitzki:
  • An extraordinary shooter who single-handedly changed the perception of what a big man could do on the court.
  • Nowitzki’s signature fadeaway jumper became one of the most unstoppable shots in NBA history.
  • A 14-time NBA All-Star, Nowitzki led the Dallas Mavericks to its first-ever NBA championship in 2011.

NBA 75: Steve Nash, from lightly recruited college star to standout NBA rookie | Sporting News

  1. Steve Nash:
  • A two-time NBA MVP and one of the most skilled shooters of his era.
  • Known for his shooting accuracy, Nash boasted an unprecedented 50-40-90 shooting percentage in multiple seasons.
  • Nash’s ability to run an offense while being a lethal shooter made him a tremendous asset for any team.

Report: Kings offer full-time front office position to Peja Stojakovic - NBC Sports

  1. Peja Stojakovic:
  • A smooth shooting stroke accompanied by a quick release defined Stojakovic’s game.
  • Known for his deadly three-point shooting and ability to stretch the floor.
  • A key contributor to the Sacramento Kings’ successful “Run TMC” era during the early 2000s.

Dale Ellis explains why he would benefit from playing in today's NBA - Basketball Network - Your daily dose of basketball

  1. Dale Ellis:
  • A prolific shooter during the ’80s and ’90s, Ellis made a lasting impact on the game.
  • Winner of the 1989 NBA Three-Point Contest.
  • Throughout his career, Ellis consistently shot at a high percentage, establishing himself as one of the top shooters of his time.

These top 10 shooters in NBA history showcased their incredible shooting skills, leaving a lasting impact on the game. From Stephen Curry’s long-range bombs to Ray Allen’s clutch moments, each player carved their place in basketball history. Whether it was their shooting accuracy, range, or ability to create their own shot, these marksmen have forever etched their names among the very best.

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