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From Crushes to Foes: The Viral Theory Behind Christina Aguilera & Eminem’s Feud


Christina Aguilera and Eminem were engaged in one of the most legendary celebrity feuds of the early ’00s, but a viral fan theory suggests that their relationship could have gone very differently.

In fact, some fans think that the “Genie in a Bottle” diva and “Mockingbird” rapper might have wound up as an A-list couple.

After digging through some archival footage, fans were able to document what appears to be the exact moment where Christina and Eminem both went from publicly admitting to crushing on each other to Eminem lambasting the pop star across several of his songs.

A viral video on TikTok unearthed clips of both hitmakers referring to each other in a positive manner around the start of their careers.

Christina called the rapper “cute” during an interview and later referred to him as a “crush.”

Meanwhile, Eminem revealed that he had posters of the pop star and Britney Spears in his house. The posters seem to have been in a special spot as he planned to place a MTV Video Music Award between them.

“She’s cute, and I’ve heard little things that she’s said about me or whatever, whatever,” the rapper bashfully said in another interview clip. He later joked about taking her home for the night instead of accepting an award.

What changed? It appears that it all came down to a moment when Christina spoke about one of Eminem‘s songs.

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While filming a documentary for MTV, Christina opened up about Eminem‘s “My Name Is” music video. However, she didn’t only have flattering things to say. The TikTok noted that she discussed his relationship with former partner Kim Scott, who he has referenced in violent ways in his music.

Christina addressed a rumor that Eminem and Kim got married, adding that he had rapped about killing her before.

“Don’t let a guy disrespect you,” she said said, using the moment to encourage women to stand up to men who treat them poorly.

It appears that was the end of Eminem‘s friendly relationship with her.

Intercut between Christina talking about Eminem and Kim were clips of him responding. He was incensed that she mentioned a rumor about his relationship status and was seemingly even angrier that she referenced domestic violence.

“And I was like, ‘No you didn’t just say that, you little b-tch,’” he recalled.

Eminem suggested that was the breaking point for him. “She heard a rumor. She didn’t know if I was married or not. She just heard about it and then put me on blast. But I figured well, ‘f-ck it.’ She did that, you know what I’m saying? ‘Alright, you said something about me, so I’m gonna voice some rumors that I heard about you.’”

He proceeded to do just that, implying that she’d hooked up with two other celebs and gave him an STI on “My Name Is” and then escalating to violence on “Off the Wall.”

If is not clear where Christina and Eminem stand today.

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Fans of Christina will likely remember that this is the second viral feud involving her that was revisited in 2023. The first involved fellow pop star Pink. If you were curious, we provided a timeline for that feud.


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