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Beyonce & Jay Z: Unveiling the Shocking Secrets and Scandals!


The perfect world of the king and queen of pop world – Jay Z and Beyonce is after all not so perfect.

Shocking secrets and scandals of drug addiction, steamy affairs and a hidden love child tatter their perfect picture.

Former Miss Belgium Claudia Scheelen claimed that Jay Z bought her drink and flirted heavily with her during a night out in Antwerp last month.

ack in 2010, there were rumors that Jay Z adult star Jazmine Cashmire pregnant. She later denied it on her Twitter account. Jay Z denied it as well, but the National Enquirer reported that he paid her off and bought her a $2.5 million home.

Shortly after Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement, rumors arose that Jay Z already had a secret son with model Shenelle Scott.

“They conducted DNA tests,” stated Jerald Andrews, father of Scott’s ex-boyfriend Malike Sayeed, to Star magazine. “It’s been determined that [he’s] Jay Z’s child.” Jay Z’s team strongly denied the allegations.In 2004, rumors circulated that Jay Z had fathered a child with Free, the popular co-host of the BET show 106 & Park. Both parties vehemently denied any involvement.Earlier this year, rapper LIV claimed to Radar online that Jay Z made advances towards her in 2008 while he was with Beyoncé. No further actions were taken, and Jay Z never responded to the allegation.


British reality star Holly Hagan accused Jay Z of cheating on Beyonce with pop star Rita Ora in January. Ora denied it.In 2009, the National ENQUIRER also claimed that Michelle Obama was peeved about Beyonce’s closeness to Barack.When a peculiar camera angle made Beyoncé’s pregnant belly seem to collapse during an Australian TV interview, it sparked rumors suggesting that the couple was using a surrogate for their daughter’s birth. However, both Beyoncé and Jay Z later denied these rumors.In Jay Z’s 2012 song “Glory,” he disclosed that Beyoncé had experienced a “tragic” miscarriage before the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy.Norman Oosterbroek, the former bodyguard for Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Blue Ivy, was fatally shot by police this summer during a drug-induced naked rampage in Miami.In January, Beyonce was exposed for lip synching at President Obama’s inauguration. She admitted the faux pas, and followed it up with an “absolutely … live” performance at the Super Bowl.But her Super Bowl performance was not free from controversy. On Twitter, fans accused her of having turned down the volume on Destiny’s Child co-stars Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams’ mics.In 2001, Jay Z pleaded guilty to stabbing record producer Lance “Un” Rivera during a nightclub brawl. He successfully completed three years of probation.Jay Z has openly admitted to shooting his drug-addicted brother when he was only 12 years old while growing up in Brooklyn’s Marcy projects. Remarkably, his brother survived the shooting and opted not to press charges.Additionally, Jay Z has asserted that his experience selling crack cocaine on the streets during the 1980s taught him valuable lessons about “budgets”.

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Fans accused Beyoncé of plagiarizing her 2011 Billboard Awards performance from Italian pop star Lorella Cuccarini. Beyoncé acknowledged being influenced by Cuccarini’s work, stating, “Thank god for YouTube, or I would have never been exposed to something so inspiring.”

Harry Belafonte blasted Jay Z and Beyonce for having “turned their backs on social responsibility.”A Wikileaks document exposed the fact that Beyonce had performed at a party connected to Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Grammarians are stunned by the punctuation shift

Jay Z (AP/Barry Brecheisen)Jay Z may have 99 problems, but he’s got zero hyphens. The man once known as Shawn Carter has quietly dropped the punctuation mark from his name.Billboard editor Joe Levy broke the story on Wednesday, announcing that Jay-Z’s label has confirmed the removal of the hyphen from his name. It seems to be a trend, as Kanye West is also currently selling “hip hop” T-shirts without a hyphen, much to the disappointment of old school hip-hop fans.No specific reason was provided for Jay-Z’s decision to drop the hyphen, but considering the various changes in his life, it might have been inevitable.What’s particularly surprising is that the hyphen has been absent for quite some time, and many people hadn’t even noticed. Jay-Z’s publicist, Jana Fleishman, casually mentioned to Complex on Thursday, “Dude. We haven’t used the hyphen since 2010.” It’s like realizing your favorite Chinese restaurant in your hometown closed down years ago. We may be late to the realization, but we now appreciate the significance of that tiny punctuation mark, and we won’t overlook it again.

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