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Alan Ritchson Talks Fan Casting as Batman in the DCU


Alan Ritchson suits up as The Dark Knight in new fan art of the Reacher star as the DCU’s Batman, and the actor has responded to the idea.

The DC cast of superheroes alongside artwork of Alan Ritchson as Batman.DC Comics/@21xfour


 Fan art transforms Alan Ritchson into a comic book-accurate Batman, with the Reacher star cutting the perfect figure as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.
 Ritchson has expressed interest in playing Batman in the DCU.
 Ritchson is no stranger to the DC world, having previously portrayed Aquaman and Hawk in other series, showing his experience in superhero roles.

Alan Ritchson would jump at the chance to slip into the costume of Batman. After discovering many fan-casting suggestions asking for James Gunn to take the Reacher star on as the DCU’s new Dark Knight, the actor responded while speaking to BroBible on their Post Credit Podcast. Ritchson said:

“The fact that people are interested in me playing Batman is a real honor and privilege. It’s one of the first characters I fell in love with as a child: I still remember the big, long pistol coming out of Joker’s pants as he goes to shoot down the Batplane. Those iconic moments really resonated with me as a child. For there to even be a conversation or a rumor mill surrounding this role, for me… all I can do is laugh. I just think it’s wild that’s where we are.”

In recent weeks, new pieces of fan art have been circulating on social media, transforming Ritchson into The Dark Knight. The artwork, which comes courtesy of artist and X user 21XFOUR, puts Ritchson in the cape and cowl, giving him a comic book-accurate black and grey suit with yellow utility belt. A second image finds Ritchson wearing the suit without the cowl, and it’s impossible to deny that he cuts the perfect figure as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

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“This series is about crafting character concepts, taking initial ideas and turning them into fully realized, imaginative creations,” the artist says of his creation, using the same approach to transform The Boys and Supernatural star Jensen Ackles into Batman, even setting up a poll between the two. A poll that ended in tie.

Currently leading the Prime Video series Reacher, which sees him solving crimes while fist-fighting bad guys (not unlike a certain DC superhero), Alan Ritchson has expressed interest in taking on the role of Batman in the DCU. Asked about the rumors and fancasting surrounding him and the iconic role, Ritchson said…

“With all the rumors flying that I’m supposed to be playing Batman, how can I knock Batman? I would love to play Batman.”

This would be far from Ritchson’s first foray into the world of DC, with the actor having played Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman in several episodes of The WB and The CW series, Smallville, and Hank Hall, aka Hawk in the HBO Max series Titans. So, he is clearly well-versed in donning spandex to fight the good fight in the name of justice.

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Alan Ritchson Will Return for a Third Season of Reacher

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher with cuts on his face standing next to a bus looking off-screen in ReacherPrime Video

Ritchson is of course plenty busy dispensing justice as Jack Reacher in Prime Video’s Reacher. The series has been a huge hit for the streaming platform, with the actor recently pushing back against the idea of Reacher being “dad TV.”

“It’s funny: I’ve shown my kids the show. I let them watch season one – but I wouldn’t let them see the naked guy hanging crucified on the wall [who had his b*llocks chopped off and was forced to swallow them whole], but everything else was… Within context, it all made sense.

They loved it, man. For me, it’s not ‘Dad TV’, it’s ‘family TV’. I walk down the street and little ladies on their walkers are like [adopts the voice of a decrepit old woman] “Reacher… Reacher…” It’s such a misnomer to me to qualify this as ‘Dad TV’. But I am a father and I, too, love the show. Maybe it does work.”

The DCU, meanwhile, will bring a new Batman to screens alongside David Corenswet as the new Superman.

Titled The Brave and the Bold, details surrounding the new Batman movie remain largely under wraps at present, but it has been revealed that The Flash director Andy Muschietti will be at the helm. The Brave and the Bold is also expected to introduce Damian Wayne, Bruce’s estranged son who was trained by The League of Assassins.


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