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Watch Molly Qerim’s Awkward Moment with Stephen A. Smith on ‘First Take’!


Molly Qerim is used to being showered with compliments on First Take pretty much during every episode. She is an insanely gorgeous woman whose outfits are always eyebrow-raising.

The ESPN host was compared to a “president’s wife” by colleagues Stephen A. Smith and Marcus Spears on the latest edition of the show.

Molly and Stephen A. were finally back inside ESPN studios in Manhattan after broadcasting from the West Coast earlier this week. They were joined by Spears and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo to discuss all things sports.

At one point, the conversation shifted to Molly’s looks.

Spears complimented Qerim on her stunning red dress, saying she looked like a “president’s wife.”

After Qerim asked which one, Stephen A. was quick to enter the conversation to make things awkward.

“It ain’t Barack Obama. There’s only one. There’s only one, that’s Michelle,” Smith said. “I would say, to answer the question, to honestly answer the question, I mean, we could go back to JFK, we could go to Ronald Reagan. JFK, Ronald Reagan.”

“I’m sorry to say this,” Smith continued as he sat up in his chair. “Don’t take this wrong, Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton. I’m just telling you. I gave you three…I gave you JFK, but, Bill Clinton too.”

That is when Molly finally had enough and wanted to sign off on the show.

“It’s time for you to leave,” Qerim said as she rolled her eyes at the suggestion of Bill Clinton. “He always has to go too far.”

Qerim would swiftly move the show onto its next segment, discussing the San Francisco 49ers showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

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For that game, the Philadelphia Eagles are 10-1 while the San Francisco 49ers come into Lincoln Financial Field with an 8-3 record. This game has huge playoff implications for whichever team wins and loses.


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