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Warriors’ Wiggins Raves About Thompson’s Explosive 6th Man Performance Against Jazz!


Klay Thompson was blazing hot.

The season got off to a rough start for Klay Thompson. It looked like he was not acclimated with the Golden State Warriors schemes which impacted the record of the Stephen Curry-led squad. Steve Kerr noticed this and made a move that flipped a switch inside the elite sharpshooter. It all worked out as they headed into the All-Star break with a win over the Utah Jazz. Andrew Wiggins saw this and had to give his flowers, via NBC Sports.

“He’s a true professional didn’t complain or nothing. He took it out on the court, played his heart out, and had a great game. Played competitively and that’s the Klay we love to see,” Andrew Wiggins declared.

Klay Thompson blazed up for the Warriors in this game. After being relegated to the bench, he led the team by scoring 35 points as he knocked down 13 out of his 22 shots from the field. He also grabbed six rebounds and dropped two assists to round out this insane performance that turned heads.

Wiggins knows that all Warriors fans want to see Thompson succeed. This move by Steve Kerr may have just propelled him to more success.

“Klay is that guy who everyone wants to see do good. He’s a great guy who works hard… you want him to do good,” the Warriors forward said.

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Wiggins also put up big numbers. He led the Warriors in rebounding with seven boards and he also notched 19 points. Stephen Curry also got a huge double-double with 16 points and 10 assists to give the Warriors a three-point win over the Jazz.


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