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Warriors’ Frustration Unleashed: Draymond Green Opens Up on Stephen Curry’s Epic 60-Point Game Gone to Waste


Stephen Curry had one heck of a Saturday night. Sinking 10 three-pointers, the two-time MVP scored 60 points. There was only one problem: the Golden State Warriors lost.

Speaking on his podcast, Warriors forward Draymond Green lamented how frustrating it was to come out on the losing end of their most recent outing.

“(It’s) very frustrating, especially with Steph having the type of night that he had,” Green said, via ClutchPoints and The Volume.

The fiery forward also admitted that he and other players failed to step up and back their star player.

“The rest of us didn’t play too well. Everybody else shot 38% from the field, 8-for-38 from three, and then you had Steph with 10 threes. It always sucks when you lose a game. When you lose a game and your guy goes off like that? It’s even worse,” Green added.

Furthermore, Green mentioned how the Warriors kept repeating the same in-game mistakes which eventually came back to bite them.

“I think we’re making a bunch of mistakes that we should not be making. They just usually come back to bite you in the end. You just make these small mistakes over and over again and at a certain point, it’s just impossible to overcome them.”

Draymond Green himself had seven points, eight assists and six rebounds in the loss. Behind Curry, the second-highest scorer was Lester Quinones with 17 points. Forward Jonathan Kuminga followed with 16 points.

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Klay Thompson had a quiet night, finishing with 10 points on 4-of-19 shooting (2-of-13 from downtown). To add to the Warriors’ woes, Andrew Wiggins exited the game after suffering an ankle injury just before halftime.

Golden State is 12th in the Western Conference with a below .500 record (21-25). Nevertheless, there are plenty of games remaining, which means there’s still time for a turnaround.



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