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Vietnamese Conical Hats: A Stylish Encounter with Henry Cavill and Bryce Dallas Howard!


“Super Spy Argylle” (original title: Argylle) is the only Hollywood action movie to hit theaters on Lunar New Year 2024.

During the press conference in Korea, Henry Cavill and the film’s stars had the opportunity to share about the movie. movie and received unique gifts from Vietnamese fans of hand-painted conical hats with images of the actors.

The stars of the movie “Argylle super spy” wear Vietnamese conical hats. Photo: CGV.

“Super Spy Argylle” is the only Hollywood work released on the first day of the New Year, revolving around the investigation and reluctant adventure journey of introverted female writer Elly Conway (played by Bryce Dallas Howard). The actress of the Jurassic World and The Help series plays Elly Conway – a reclusive writer whose fantasy novel “Argylle” is selling well.

One day, Elly discovered that what she wrote was so similar to reality that she was stunned, even by the Argylle spy. This pushes her to the attention of dangerous organizations.

Henry Cavill plays Argylle – a textbook perfect spy. Elegance, talent and style are what can describe this character. Filled with beautiful action scenes, impressive fashion and a series of “bends” that require wearing a helmet, “Super Spy Argylle” is the top choice for holiday movie fans. The cast shares funny moments in front and behind the camera, including a music video that brings together the actors and actor Chip the cat – the star of the work.

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Both Sam Rockwell and John Cena – who plays Argylle’s best friend Wyatt – expressed being impressed with Henry Cavill’s physicality in action scenes. If Rockwell had to “try to keep up” with Cavill, former wrestler and action star John Cena admitted that his co-star was “above” him in terms of physical strength and endurance in the gym.

Bryce Dallas Howard said she was personally contacted by director Matthew Vaughn to play the role of Elly Conway: “None of the agents had a script or anything, and he just said, ‘I really want it. You read this and tell me what you feel.” It’s Jason’s script, Jason Fuchs, the writer and producer of this movie, wrote something perfect and every three pages there’s a real “wow” feeling. That’s how you feel when you watch the movie, like an emotional journey.”

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston will be the villain in “Super Spy Argylle”. The veteran star also shared his surprise when he first read the script: “There were a few pages I had to re-read because I was like oh my god, would he really do that, it’s true that someone would dare to write it.” Someone dares to direct. Just reading it makes me feel fascinated. When he assembles a cast like this, I’m very happy to be a part of it.”

The film is expected to premiere on February 10, 2024 (first day of Lunar New Year 2024).


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