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Unveiling the Ultimate Revelation: Jason Lee Spills the Beans on Beyonce | A Concert Experience Like No Other!


I’m not seeing anyone in concert for 40,000 unless it’s GOD’: Jason Lee Finally CONFESSES The Truth About Beyonce

Over a week now, controversial media personality Jason Lee went on his show, “The Jason Lee Podcast,” to accuse Queen Bey of several things, and he didn’t hold back. All of this is because he got his feelings hurt. According to him, he spent over $40,000 to see Beyonce’s show three times, yet she didn’t invite him to the premiere of her Renaissance movie, and as such, she feels very unappreciated.


Blogger Jason Lee Accuses Beyoncé of Snubbing Black Media Invites to Renaissance Tour, Threatens to Expose Her Publicist and Team with Jaw-Dropping ‘Receipts’

Jason Lee has a bone to pick with Beyoncé and her team after publicly claiming the singer’s Renaissance Tour failed at its mission of inclusivity by leaving out a Black media outlet. The hot take that has fueled backlash was previously discussed during the Dec. 1 episode of Lee’s podcast.

The entertainer’s latest tour has been acclaimed for its cultural significance in both Black and LGBTQ+ communities. The cross-country trek brought in more than $500,000 million in revenue and is currently raking in more money with the concert documentary that is playing in AMC Theaters worldwide. Despite the praise for her tour, Lee said there is more that she could have done.

Jason Lee accuses Beyoncé of snubbing Black media invites to her Renaissance Tour and threatens to expose her team with jaw-dropping ‘receipts.’ Photos: Jasonlee/Instagram; Beyonce/Instagram.

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“I think optically, when you don’t include other Black leaders in the culture in the fold, take me out of it, ‘The Breakfast Club.’ I mean, you should have honored and brought more Black people in because Beyoncé has such a huge voice,” Lee said.

The Hollywood Unlocked founder continued, “This is why, I’m not trying to compare her to Rihanna, but this is why I think Rihanna is more relatable to people. Because she, her pulse is on the culture. She knows what’s happening. She knows the people that are moving the culture.”

Lee claimed he spent over $40,000 to attend the “Break My Soul” performer’s concert three times. He would go on to allude to feeling unappreciated.

“I’ve done a lot, and I’m not even going to say it here because if I did, this internet, Beyoncé’s good internet, would go crazy. Did I tell y’all what I’ve done?” he then asked his co-hosts before he dished intel from behind a piece of paper, seemingly to prevent viewers from reading his lips as the audio was censored.

After leaving their mouths on the floor, Lee said, “We’re friends in the game…Can you imagine if I put that on Hollywood Unlocked?” After spilling more alleged tea, he added, “So that in itself, Beyoncé coulda gave me, you know what I mean? I feel like there should be a little love there.”

Though he claimed the singer is unaware of his deeds, he said that her longtime publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, is. “Yvette knows…I still have the receipts. Yvette knows I got the receipts. I got them,” said the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” alum.

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“I’m just being critical. That’s just what I do. You know that, Yvette. I’m trying to book Kelly Rowland right now. Now if I don’t get Kelly Rowland because I say this about — then, then it’s gon’ be a problem. Then I’m putting out receipts. The receipts I just told y’all about, then I’ll put those out,” he further declared.

The Revolt TV host reaffirmed that his personal grievances have not deterred his love for the singer or her family, but his damning remarks have sparked fury from her fans.

“Isn’t this the same guy she was avoiding at the Roc Nation brunch? That is the closest he is ever going to get to her and now he just lost his invitation to the next one,” read a post. Another posted, “He said if he doesn’t book kelly he’s gonna black mail beyonce? Like kelly don’t ride for her sister?”

Lee, who has a long history of being critical of members of the Black community, recently made headlines when he took an unprovoked jab at Jennifer Hudson. While co-hosting “The Breakfast Club,” he called the daytime host illiterate and said her show should be cancelled after she secured an exclusive sit-down with Jeannie Mai discussing her divorce from Jeezy.

Social media users were swift in their delivery of backlash, which included receipts of his controversial remarks about Black women.

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