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Unveiling the Perfect Match: 5 Reasons De’Andre Hunter Lights up Milwaukee, Confirmed by Insider!


The Milwaukee Bucks are reportedly in play to make some moves before the trade deadline. They are reportedly keeping an eye on is De’Andre Hunter of the Atlanta Hawks. This was shared by NBA insider Sam Amico on the social media platform X.

That the Bucks are interested in acquiring the former fourth overall pick is not surprising. Hunter could bring certain facets to the table that Milwaukee could use to enhance its standing as a contender this season and beyond.

Below are some of the reasons why De’Andre Hunter heading to the Bucks would work out well for the team.

5 reasons why De’Andre Hunter is a strong match for the Milwaukee Bucks

#1. Good offensive wing with a prototypical size

A versatile 6-foot-8 player, De’Andre Hunter should add another dimension to the Bucks’ offense. He practically does everything, be it running pick-and-rolls, shoot from the outside or pouring it on in transition. These are skills that match the style of play of resident superstars Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard.


In five years with the Hawks, he has been steady for 14.6 points, 4.1 rebounds and 36.1% clip from three, numbers that Milwaukee could use as it tries to maintain competitiveness.

#2. Not shabby on defense as well

De’Andre Hunter couples his steady offensive game with solid defense, with his ability to defend just about every position.

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This comes handy, especially now that Bucks are making a concerted effort to improve their defense to be more potent as a contender.

With Hunter’s ability to switch on anybody on defense, it gives Milwaukee fluidity to present varying defensive looks to opposing teams.

#3. Winning mindset

While in college, he helped the Virginia Cavaliers win the NCAA title in his final year in 2019.

Of course, the Hawks remains up and down since De’Andre Hunter came on board. However, when asked to take on a bigger role, particularly in the playoffs, he has shown up, averaging 16.3 points, 4.6 rebounds and 40% clip from three in the postseason.


It is something that could be used by the Bucks, who are obviously in a “win now” mode with all the moves they have made with Lillard and the coaching change.

#4. Hunter is adaptable

Adaptability is another facet that De’Andre Hunter brings. It does not matter if he starts or come off the bench for Milwaukee as he can still deliver either way.

With a team already boasting the likes of the ‘Greek Freak’ and ‘Dame Time,’ players who can play within the system and find their spots like Hunter will be crucial to succeed.

#5. Preparation for the future

Getting De’Andre Hunter is not only for the present but also in preparation for the future.

At 26 years old, provided he stays healthy, there is a lot of basketball left in him for the Bucks to build on.

He ensures continuity in the frontcourt to play alongside Antetokounmpo as All-Star Khris Middleton advances in age.


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