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Unraveling the Epic Origin of the LeBron James-Lakers Trade Buzz


Last night, there was a rumor circulating that the Los Angeles Lakers were planning to move LeBron James ahead of the Feb. 8 NBA Trade Deadline, but his agent, Rich Paul came out and shut them down.

The Report from David Pingalore, a KTLA Sports Anchor and Reporter from Jacksonville, and he has a history of reporting some news on LeBron James, which is why some were believing the rumor that the Lakers were going to move him last night, before Rich Paul shut them down.

David Pingalore posted on X at 5:22 ET on Thursday regarding the Lakers and James.

Obviously with Paul saying that James will not be traded, and that he does not want to be traded, this report is not true. Still, Pingalore’s history with James’ career moves, along with some other big moves in past years are an interesting deep dive.

The first move that Pingalore got right was Kawhi Leonard signing with the Los Angeles Clippers, when many believed he would be going to the Lakers. This was after Kawhi Leonard brought the Toronto Raptors their first NBA title.

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Going back further, all the way back to 2012, Pingalore said that James had put out feelers regarding a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers for two years later, when he was still with the Miami Heat. Later on, after James had returned to the Cavaliers, Pingalore reported that James would be going to the Lakers the season before he eventually signed there.

You can see all of the posts from Pingalore via Lakers Daily.

Regardless, it seems James is going to remain with the Lakers and try to win this year.


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