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Unleashing Her Savagery: Paige Spiranac’s Epic Response to Critics Captivates Fans’ Souls


The golf queen is at it again! It’s true. Paige Spiranac has undoubtedly been undefeated when it comes to keeping her wits about the internet.

Well, it appears she has gone ahead and done it again. But, this time around, the model did not dish out her reply to a specific person but went ahead to clap back at everyone who taunted her for her bold avatar.

The 30-year-old took to her X handle (previously known as Twitter) to share a post. However, while doing so, she managed to embrace her “personality” which usually earns the ire of her critics, and, surprisingly, her fans couldn’t stop admiring her for it.

Paige Spiranac shuts down critics once again

The tweet shared by the 2022 Maxim Sexiest Woman showcases a meme of herself using the picture of two renowned musicians, Usher and Rihanna. Spiranac used a snap of the two taken during their halftime performance at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas to make fun of the factors that many of her haters use to criticize her.

Fascinatingly, she added a couple of captions as well to the pic of the male singer and the female musician and dubbed the former as herself, as “Me”. She wrote, “Making my chest my whole personality,” while alluding to the usual taunt dished out by her critics and used the snap of the two hugging to respond to how she is completely embracing the same without any care of the same.

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The ardent fans of the ravishing American could not help but agree with the caption. A follower took to comment, “Well rounded indeed!” to the savage reply she posted along with the meme, “A well-rounded personality.” Well, just another masterstroke from the social media influencer who constantly gets attacked for her content.

But, if you think that’s where the comments of her supporters ended, then you’re sorely wrong.

Spiranac throws the internet into a frenzy yet again

Even Spiranac wouldn’t have imagined the amount of support she would receive from her fans just two hours after she posted the tweet on X. Let us take a quick look at some of them.

There’s more to the 30-year-old than meets the eye. Many of her followers have the same opinion and are not afraid to point it out. As such, a true fan of hers went above and beyond to dish out the compliment.


The brutal jab at her haters did go ahead and elicit a laugh or two from her followers. Similarly, a supporter took to their handle to mention how amazing it was that she was able to turn something of a criticizing factor into a USP.

If you have it, flaunt it! Or so every Spiranac fan believes as they took to the internet to shower their support for the athlete. Well, a follower did go ahead and respond similarly as they made it seem natural to embrace such a “well-rounded personality” since she has them.

Karin Hart once dubbed Spiranac the queen of golf. It seems she is adamant in raking in yet another title of queen on the internet. However, this time around, it wasn’t Hart who crowned her, but an ardent fan who did so while motivating her.

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Another follower did come out to hold up their icon using their X handle. But, surprisingly, they did not use any sly innuendo of sorts to dish out compliments, instead responded sincerely in admiration to her personality that she exhibits on and off the course as well as on the internet.

What did you think of the savage reply by the model? Were you surprised by the same? Let us know in the comments below.



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