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Uncovering the Secret to Stephen Curry’s Mouthguard and Chewing Obsession on the Court


Stephen Curry is an NBA powerhouse thanks to his incredible ability from beyond the arc. The teeth guard he’s worn throughout his career has become practically an extension of the superstar’s person.



The habit of wearing a tooth guard while playing dates back to Curry’s college days and has become a signature of his on-court persona. The way he uses it, though, is what makes him stand out. During timeouts, he will often keep it to one side of his lips and gnaw on it.

In an interview from 2015, Curry explained why he always wears a mouth guard. After getting into a fight with Jon Brick in 2007, he decided he needed some more jaw protection. The tooth guard protects the player’s teeth from being knocked out of place during intense play.

Stephen Curry’s friends and family may not share his enthusiasm for his teeth guard, despite its obvious benefits to him. Sonya, his mother, makes light of her son’s unusual behaviors, such as biting his nails, picking his nose, and always having a tooth protector in his mouth. But she holds back from telling him he needs to make a change.

In a 2019 interview with HuffPost, dental hygienist Cindy Hernandez-Sturrock voiced her professional concerns about Curry’s habitual gum chewing. She warned that doing so could undermine the guard’s reliability and hence its effectiveness.

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Stephen Curry’s unusual routine of chewing on his tooth guard is indicative of the individualized rituals and habits that successful sportsmen use to reach their full potential. Although it’s not the norm, it’s a huge part of what makes him stand out on the court.


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