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Travis Kelce’s Heartwarming Gesture: Flower Power at Chiefs’ Super Bowl Parade!


Today is Valentine’s Day, and also the same day Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs get to celebrate their Super Bowl victory. They are holding their victory parade today and it’s been a memorable one so far to say the least.

In the midst of the Chiefs celebration, Kelce’s mother Donna was seen being sweet on the day of the year to spread love. At a certain point during the parade, Donna was seen handing out roses to fans in attendance.
NFL fans react to Travis Kelce handing out flowers during the Chiefs Super Bowl parade on Valentine’s Day

Everyone couldn’t help but think what Donna Kelce was doing at the Super Bowl was cute.

Many called her sweet, while others dubbed her a queen. It’s safe to say the football community enjoys seeing Donna Kelce as she delivered another heartwarming moment between her and fans yet again.

Here’s how fans reacted on social media:

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