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Travis Kelce Spills the Beans on His Romantic Valentine’s Day Agenda with Taylor Swift


“Some pieces have to fall into place.”

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so they say, and apparently Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s busy schedules are getting in the way of their plans. The Daily Mail reports that planning is “incredibly difficult” for the couple, thanks to the Super Bowl and the Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Valentine's Day Plans 2024

“They both plan to be with each other on Valentine’s Day, they just don’t know if it will be overseas or in America,” a source explains. “Some pieces have to fall into place and if one of those pieces is Kansas City making the Super Bowl, though it would be extremely tiring, she plans to come back for the Super Bowl for him if he is in the game.”

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The insider adds that Trav and Taylor “have tentative plans on what they will actually be doing, but it all will figure itself out once Kansas City is either in the Super Bowl or not. But they highly anticipate they will be together on Valentine’s Day.”

In case you’re wondering if Taylor can actually make it to the Super Bowl, the answer is yes….but it’s complicated. The game is on Sunday, February 11, and Taylor is playing a show in Tokyo on Saturday, February 10—before taking about a week-long break from her tour schedule.

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But thanks to a time change working in her favor, Tay could technically hop on a 14-16 hour flight from Tokyo to Las Vegas on Saturday night (which ends on Saturday morning in Vegas) and make it in plenty of time!


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