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Top 5 NBA Ballers Poised for a Trade Deadline Shake-Up!


The NBA trade deadline is approaching quickly. Teams have until Thursday, February 8 at 3 p.m. ET to make trades this season. Some notable players have already been traded, such as OG Anunoby, who has brought new energy to New York, and Pascal Siakam who has helped Indiana in their push for the playoffs.

Sometimes an NBA trade deadline moves by without much action. Other times, the Cleveland Cavaliers trade their entire roster to appease LeBron James like they did at the NBA trade deadline in 2018. So far, this year’s deadline has been quiet.

However, teams could get more desperate or finally give in to lower asking prices ahead of the deadline. Let’s take a look at five NBA players who might get moved at the deadline.

Five Players who could be moved at the NBA Trade Deadline

It seems unlikely that an All-Star-caliber player will get moved. However, there could still be some big names moved at the NBA trade deadline. Here are five players heavily involved in trade deadlines who could be wearing new threads by the weekend.

1. Dejounte Murray

Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte MurrayAtlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray
Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray

No name has been discussed as a trade piece this season more than Dejounte Murray. The Atlanta Hawks have kept up their asking price and refused to bite on any offers so far.

Murray has played well through the rumors and increased his value with clutch shotmaking. He is still a desired piece by teams like the LA Lakers, New York Knicks and others. Murray seems likely to be moved as the Hawks are struggling to keep a play-in tournament spot.

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2. D’Angelo Russell

Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo RussellLos Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell
Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell

The Lakers are likely to make a move to help bolster their roster for a playoff push. They want to be in the top tier and push themselves out of mediocrity. They also need some depth as they deal with injuries to players like Gabe Vincent and Jarred Vanderbilt.

Russell would be a likely piece in any deal. He has a very tradeable contract and could be used to match a lot of salaries in a potential deal.

3. Miles Bridges

Charlotte Hornets forward Miles BridgesCharlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges
Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges

Despite Bridges’ off-court issues, the Charlotte Hornets re-signed him. They are still at the bottom of the standings and appear to be possible sellers by the deadline. This week, multiple teams expressed an interest in Bridges.

However, Bridges has a no-trade clause, which allows him to refuse any potential move and remain with the organization that supported him during his legal issues.

4. Tyus Jones

Washington Wizards guard Tyus JonesWashington Wizards guard Tyus Jones
Washington Wizards guard Tyus Jones

ESPN’s NBA insider Zach Lowe said on his podcast that he would be surprised if Tyus Jones stayed with Washington. He linked the veteran point guard to Minnesota in a potential move. Jones is on an expiring deal and would be a solid backup point guard to help any playoff contender.

5. Andrew Wiggins

Golden State Warriors forward Andrew WigginsGolden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins
Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins

The Golden State Warriors are struggling to stay afloat in the Western Conference. They need to make a change. Wiggins has not played well with the team this season. The former top pick could be an attractive asset for a younger team elsewhere.

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