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The Sky’s the Limit for Reacher’s Alan Ritchson: What’s on the Horizon for the Rising Star?


Reacher‘s Alan Ritchson was already a rapidly rising star before he boarded the acclaimed show. However, when the series first aired in 2022, his fame soared to new heights. Taking over from Tom Cruise, who played the iconic character in the movies, Ritchson took the material to greater success and put Jack Reacher in the forefront of the minds of TV fanatics.

While the first Jack Reacher movie was both a box office success and warmly accepted by critics, many were disheartened with the inauthentic portrayal of the character, as Reacher is a towering figure in the books.

As a result, the casting process for Prime Video’s Reacher was extremely extensive. Finally, Alan Ritchson was cast, and the series has now enjoyed a successful second season. But what’s next for Ritchson as he continues to ride his superstar status?

Alan Ritchson’s Hopes for the Reacher Series Are Truly Exciting

Alan Ritchson: Reacher (2023)

Season one of Reacher opened to warm reviews and quickly developed a loyal following. To that, the second season was quickly green lit and the ante was well and truly upped. While the 2012 movie was spliced with Jack Reacher’s signature wit and alluring yet cocky charm, many could not move past the fact that it was far less brutal than the books.

However, the series served as a much more accurate depiction of the character and what he is capable of. To portray this highly skilled man, Ritchson embarked upon vigorous fight training and an intense bodybuilding routine, totally transforming himself. When speaking on the Inside of You Podcast, Ritchson explained how his body was so beaten down that he was relying on painkillers to keep going.

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Despite the gruelling training and an extensive six-day shooting schedule, Ritchson signed up for a second season. This season surpassed the first and showed that fans of the books were happy with the on screen rendition. When featuring on Mens Health’s Gym & Fridge, Ritchson broke down his diet and training regime.

When discussing his weight training, he stated that is goal is “to stay a certain size for years”. He then said how he plans on taking the series into as many seasons as he can, delving into as many of the 30 books as possible, saying “I want to do 22 seasons of Reacher”, and then joking how he wants to be playing the character when he is 100 years old.

Will There Be a Third Season of Reacher?

Alan Ritchson and Graham Parkhurstin Reacher (2023)

As mentioned, Ritchson plans on sticking around for the character of Jack Reacher for as many seasons as he can. Seeing as each season is set around the plot of a separate book, it’s highly possible that this ambition could come to fruition.

In January 2024, shortly after the final episode of Reacher season 2, Prime Video announced that Reacher Season 3 will follow the events of Persuader, the seventh book in Lee Child‘s Reacher series.

In the acclaimed book, the story follows the enigmatic ex-military police officer, Jack Reacher, as he becomes embroiled in a dangerous mission to uncover a complex web of deceit and betrayal.

Seeing as the first two seasons were fairly respectable to the books of which they adapted, it’s safe to assume this season will be no different. As of yet, there is no official release date for season 3, however, when appearing on the The Tonight Show in February 2024, Ritchson said that the season was “nearing completion”.

Unveiling Alan Ritchson’s Next Roles Outside of Reacher

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Alan Ritchson in The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2024)

Ritchson’s first major role after the second season of Reacher will come on April 14, 2024. He will be starring opposite Henry Cavill in Guy Ritchie‘s World War II action drama, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

The anticipated movie follows a small group of highly skilled soldiers who are hired to strike against German forces behind enemy lines during World War II. Ritchson is also set to lead the action comedy, Motor City, playing a recently released felon who seeks vengeance against a group of criminals who framed him and put him in jail.

As well as this, he will star in another action comedy, Playdate, opposite The King of Queens star Kevin James. However, there is one upcoming movie that has really got people talking in Hollywood. In 2025, this rising action star will share the screen with the legendary action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Christmas movie, The Man with the Bag. The film will be produced by Amazon MGM Studios and will follow Santa Claus as he learns that his magic bag has been swiped, leading him to team up with Vance, a reformed thief and occupant of the naughty list, to get it back. Want to read more about Alan Ritchson? Here’s 5 fun facts about the rising star.


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