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The Enchanting Story of Spencer Ladd Hardy: Will Hardy’s Irresistible Better Half!


Will Hardy is the head coach of the Utah Jazz. Let’s take some time to get to know Will Hardy’s wife Spencer Ladd Hardy.

After starting his coaching career as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics, Will Hardy finally received his first head-coaching job after the Utah Jazz hired him. Hardy will have his work cut out for him, as he is tasked with guiding the young core of the Jazz in its rebuilding chapter after the departure of stars Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert.

But while Hardy is in the process of whipping the Jazz into a legitimate playoff contender, there’s no question that he has plenty of support from his loving wife and family off the sidelines. Let’s get to know more about Will Hardy’s wife Spencer Ladd Hardy.

Who is Will Hardy’s wife Spencer Ladd Hardy?

Will Hardy's wife Spencer Ladd Hardy.

Will Hardy’s wife is Spencer Ladd Hardy. Spencer Hardy, formerly known as Spencer Lenn Ladd, was born in San Antonio, Texas, according to sources. She attended James Madison High School.

After graduating, Spencer attended the University of the Incarnate World. Hardy earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism, as per her LinkedIn profile. While at college, Spencer was on the Dean’s List and in the Commissioner’s Honor Roll.

While earning her degree, Spencer also played for the university’s volleyball team as a defensive specialist and libero. Furthermore, Spencer was also part of other organizations such as University of the Incarnate Word Leadership and Society and the school’s Logos organization, where she served as a writer.

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Spencer Ladd Hardy’s career in communications

After earning her degree in communications, Spencer started her career in hospital and healthcare provider CHRISTUS Health as a marketing and communications intern. Five months later, Spencer went from intern to specialist.

In 2012, Spencer ended her stint in CHRISTUS Health as Community First Health Plans hired her as a Corporate Communications Coordinator. Spencer was in charge of sending out newsletters, working with sponsors, and designing the CFHP Member Provider Directories and the CFHP STAR and CHIP Handbooks.

After working in Community First Health Plans for over a year, Spencer worked in Baptist Health System, another hospital and healthcare provider in Texas. However, this time around, Spencer worked as a marketing specialist. She worked there for around three years.

Spencer Ladd Hardy’s marriage with Will Hardy

Will Hardy and Spencer Ladd Hardy with their child.

It’s unknown exactly how and when the Hardy couple met each other. However, sources suggest that they met each other in San Antonio when the current Jazz head coach was still working for the San Antonio Spurs. Moreover, the couple got engaged in February 2015 based on a report by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. A few months later, the couple tied the knot.

Since getting married, the couple has been going stronger than ever. In fact, they even welcomed two beautiful children together. Their names are Elliott and Pierce.

Furthermore, the Hardy matriarch continued to support her husband’s coaching career by moving to Utah with the coach. The Jazz welcomed not only Hardy, but also his wife and family to the city with open arms.

In a report by the Deseret News, Jazz owner said in a statement “We could not be more excited to welcome Will Hardy as the next head coach of the Utah Jazz. He has incredible experience, and we believe in his continued trajectory. Danny and Justin ran a comprehensive process, and we are confident Will is the right head coach to lead us into the next chapter of the Utah Jazz. Ashley and I and the entire ownership group are grateful to welcome Will, his wife Spencer, and their family to Utah.”

Moreover, she was one of the key figures present during Will’s NBA head-coaching debut for the Jazz, based on a report by the NBA.

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Although the marriage has been great, being the wife of an NBA coach is truly more difficult than it sounds. Being an NBA coach requires time away from the family and demands great attention to the game of basketball. However, while being an NBA coach is demanding, the Jazz tactician makes sure to also be fully present when he’s not on the NBA sidelines.

In an interview with KSL Sports’ Deanie Wimmer, Will responded with regards to the family juggling act, “I’m lucky. I have an amazing partner in my wife. I do the best I can when I’m in town, and when I’m home, to be as present as possible and help with our two little girls.”

Nevertheless, this is all the information that we have on Will Hardy’s wife Spencer Ladd Hardy.


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