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Taylor Swift’s Awkward Reaction to Travis Kelce’s Epic Battle Cry at AFC Trophy Ceremony


Unless you’re a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan, you most likely find yourself cringing every time Travis Kelce yells his patented slogan (which he stole from the Beastie Boys), “You’ve got to fight, for your right, to party!”

While we’ve grown awfully used to hearing it thanks to the Chiefs’ penchant for winning, even some Chiefs fans appear to get that awkward feeling whenever they hear those words being shouted by the superstar tight end.

Heck, even his girlfriend couldn’t help but cringe a bit after Kelce yelled his phrase on the microphone during the AFC Championship trophy presentation. Someone had a camera on Swift, and her reaction says it all.

Perhaps Travis and Taylor should get together and think of a new slogan that he can use from one of her songs. They can even debut it at the Super Bowl two weeks from now!

Here’s a cute moment between the two that was also captured during the postgame festivities.

Next up, it’s a repeat of Super Bowl 54, as the Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers at this year’s Big Game in Las Vegas.

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