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Taylor Swift Rocks Affordable Bracelet with Adorable Tribute to Travis Kelce’s Nickname!


Taylor Swift Seemingly Wore Bracelet with Sweet Nod to Travis Kelce's Nickname — and It's $21!

Travis Kelce first expressed his interest in Taylor Swift via a friendship bracelet (with his phone number on it) — and now she appears to be repaying the favor.


Taylor Swift Seemingly Wore Bracelet with Sweet Nod to Travis Kelce's Nickname — and It's $21!

The “Anti-Hero” singer, 34, was photographed at a party after the last Kansas City Chiefs game happily posing with her beau and planting a kiss for the cameras. In some photos, it’s apparent that she’s wearing a gold bracelet with red beads, which had a striking resemblance to one sold by the brand Erimish that spells out “Trav” — the Chiefs’ star’s nickname.

The jewelry store, which is Missouri-based, celebrated the moment on social media, re-sharing the photo of Swift and Kelce along with a red heart around the bracelet on their Instagram Story. On top of the photo, they wrote the words, “Spotted. Might just be another @erimish custom,” along with the link to the bracelet called “The Trav Custom.” Their website also has a link directing you to “Score your AS SEEN ON TAYLOR bracelet here!”

“After a game in October, Randi Mahomes gifted Taylor an Erimish Bracelet Stack that had several different custom word bracelets,” Erimish director of retail sales Sarah Fretwell tells PEOPLE. She adds says Swift’s most recent one “appears to be” the “Trav” bracelet: “It was definitely an option among other ‘friendship’-style bracelets that have been sent and/or gifted to Taylor!”

It was not the first time Swift has been seen in the brand’s custom bracelets to give a sweet shout-out to her man — she had been seen wearing their “87” bracelet in October.

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Erimish co-owner Misha Wilson told Fox4KC that they make custom bracelets for many of the significant others and moms of NFL players), and their friend Randi Mahomes — Patrick Mahomes’ mother — asked if they’d like to make some for Swift as well.

However, Wilson said that they didn’t know whether Swift had gotten the bracelets until they saw the photo of her wearing the ’87’ style in the box.

“We had no idea that she had them yet. We hadn’t talked to Randi or anybody. And then, we just saw it all over the news, and we were like, ‘Oh, my gosh. Is that our bracelet?’ you know, and we waited for confirmation, and sure enough!” Wilson told the news station.

“We’ve sold more than we could ever imagine of just that single bracelet,” she said. “We’ve gotten a lot of people that didn’t even know we existed. They are customizing their own, but a lot of people are just ordering her favorite, you know, 13 and 87, his number. They’re ordering those numbers, but we’re getting a lot of custom numbers too.”

Erimish eventually released the new bracelet on their website in celebration of Swift’s 34th birthday, writing on Instagram, “The NEW Trav custom bracelet just went LIVE and bonus 34% off the custom collection in honor of the birthday girl herself! It’s time to make your style #shimmer.💋.”
The Erimish website notes that Swifties can “score” their own “as seen on Taylor bracelet” with a link to the “Trav” custom bracelet, which is on sale for $21. Fans can also purchase a bracelet with beads that show Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs number, 87, along with hearts for the same price.

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The company also has many other Swift-themed bracelets on sale celebrating her 1989 and Lover albums, as well as other specific songs.


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