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Taylor Swift: Raking in Billions from Melodies – Tour Bliss, Box Office Hits, Digital Gold!


Taylor Swift has officially become a female billionaire with 1 year of working so hard on music.

Recently, Forbes magazine officially confirmed that Taylor Swift is a billionaire with total assets reaching 1.1 billion USD. This is not surprising information as Taylor Swift has had an extremely hard-working 2023 with an intensity of work that can be considered “extraordinary”. Thereby, she also rose to the 5th position among the most powerful women in the world in 2023, behind famous global politicians.

Tỷ phú Taylor Swift và tất cả đến từ âm nhạc: tiền lưu diễn, doanh thu phim, nhạc số... - Ảnh 1.

Taylor Swift in Forbes publication.


Taylor Swift’s biggest source of revenue this year must definitely come from “super tour” The Eras Tour. Taylor Swift’s side on this tour has not yet sent detailed reports for the concerts, but Billboard reports that all of the singer’s concerts in 2023 in North America and South America have earned more than 900 million USD. . Taylor Swift certainly also received a not small percentage from this figure of 900 million USD. Although there has been no official confirmation, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour has certainly become the highest-grossing tour of all time. According to estimates, by the end of The Eras Tour in 2024, the tour’s revenue will likely double, even reaching 2 billion USD.

Also from The Eras Tour, Taylor Swift continued to release a movie about this famous tour. The film The Eras Tour officially became the highest-grossing concert film of all time. As of early December, the film’s revenue was approximately 250 million USD worldwide. Of course, Taylor Swift’s “share” ratio with movie theaters is not small.

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Tỷ phú Taylor Swift và tất cả đến từ âm nhạc: tiền lưu diễn, doanh thu phim, nhạc số... - Ảnh 2.

“The Eras Tour” brought Taylor Swift money from ticket sales, merchandise sales and revenue from concert movies.

Not stopping there, Taylor Swift is also a formidable “digital music god” on Spotify. According to statistics, Taylor Swift has earned more than 100 million USD in revenue from the Spotify platform alone, not including the iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal platforms… Revenue from merchandise sales, record sales physical – vinyl records, investments, etc. are not yet public.

Thereby, Taylor Swift also officially became the richest artist thanks to music in the world. Although Rihanna has a slightly higher total assets than Taylor Swift, most of it comes from business from the cosmetics brand Fenty and other brands. With 1 year of remarkable work and dedication, Taylor Swift completely deserves her current wealth and reputation!


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