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Suns Star Kevin Durant Spills Surprising Drake Secret!


Phoenix Suns star forward Kevin Durant is spitting facts about his friendship with the rapper Drake.

Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant has a reach that goes far beyond basketball. Durant is sharing that he has a deep bond with music star Drake. Durant is credited as doing A&R work for Drake’s For All The Dogs music album. A&R stands for artists and repertoire, and it usually refers to someone involved in talent scouting for an artist.

Durant said during NBA All-Star weekend that he and the rapper speak regularly, and that Durant is always there for Drake. The friendship was a large reason that Durant got credit on Drake’s album. A&R can also refer to someone who is supportive of the musical artist, which seems like that was the case for Drake. Drake and Durant have even appeared together at some of Drake’s concerts on stage, per Sports Illustrated.

Durant is having a great season with the Suns. The 17-year NBA veteran is a starter for the Western Conference in this year’s All-Star game. Durant is climbing the record books, passing Moses Malone this year in career NBA scoring. The Phoenix forward is averaging more than 28 points a game for the Suns. His scoring average is the highest he has seen in his career since 2022-23, when he was a member of the Brooklyn Nets.

Drake is also having a great year following the release of the album For All the Dogs. The album made it to no. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. The rapper also revealed he won big betting on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl this year, so it’s been a great year financially too for the music star.

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The 2024 NBA All-Star game is Sunday night at 8:00 Eastern. It will be fun to see if Drake shows up to cheer on his friend Durant.





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