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Steve Kerr Slams Trade Rumors: Warriors’ Coach Shoots Down Chris Paul and Gary Payton II Swap!


The Warriors may not make any moves at the trade deadline.

What will the Golden State Warriors do at the NBA trade deadline, given all of their struggles this season? Everyone seems to be asking this question pertaining to Stephen Curry and the Warriors, who currently find themselves at 20-24 on the season. Andrew Wiggins, Chris Paul, Gary Payton II, and others have heard their names come up in trade rumors as of late, yet there is still no clear picture being painted as to what Golden State will ultimately elect to do.

Compared to the trade deadline of years past, teams are expected to operate a little bit differently because of the second apron tax line and all the new financial rules stemming from the league’s CBA. This has a direct impact on the Warriors, who own the league’s highest tax bill this season with a payroll that exceeds $225 million in salaries.

As far as looking to improve their championship outlook this season, the Warriors are taking both their financial situation and the talent that exists on their roster into effect. Although they may be injured right now, Paul and Payton are both key talents in the Warriors’ second unit. In what appears to be a smaller trade market with no clear upgrades presenting themselves, head coach Steve Kerr seems to be content keeping everyone currently on Golden State’s roster.

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“We’re not going to find better players than those guys [Chris Paul and Gary Payton II] in a trade,” Kerr said on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco. “It’s exceedingly rare to make a deal where you can upgrade your talent to that level. I’m excited about getting those guys back. Moses [Moody] too. We’ve been shorthanded these last couple of weeks, but all three of those guys can really help us for sure.”

One of the biggest flaws the Warriors have had this season is guys being in and out of the rotation. Aside from the situation surrounding Draymond Green and his suspensions earlier this season, the Warriors have never truly been whole because of injuries.

Payton has not played since January 2 due to a hamstring strain. Paul suffered a fractured hand on January 5 and underwent surgery. Moses Moody has not played since January 10 because of a calf strain. So many things have snowballed for the Warriors this season, resulting in many of their subpar performances.

Regarding the trade deadline and the moves the Warriors could make, there aren’t many options that would drastically improve this team’s chances of completely reinventing their image. Perhaps Pascal Siakam would have made this type of impact, but he was already dealt to the Indiana Pacers. The Warriors understand that they have the personnel to win right now. At this point, it’s all about staying together and getting everyone back on the floor.

“I think a deal is almost always unlikely. That doesn’t mean a deal won’t happen,” Kerr continued. “The fact is, most trade deadlines, not much happens. You just try to do the best you can with what’s happening at that particular time with the team, and that’s what we are doing right now. I think we are getting better.

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“I know we had two really tough losses this week, but I like the direction our team is trending, and I like the guys who are coming back off of injury.”

The Warriors are just 1.5 games back from being in the play-in tournament picture in the Western Conference. A simple win streak could drastically change things for this organization, as the trade deadline is now just one week away.


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