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Stephen Curry shuts down Steve Kerr’s claim of fatigue amidst shooting struggles


The Golden State Warriors fell to the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, 119-103. What made this recent game painful for Golden State was how they built and squandered a 16-point lead during the second quarter. As the final buzzer sounded, Stephen Curry and Co. collected their seventh straight loss to the Nuggets.

Following the game, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr mentioned that Curry has been looking tired as of late.

“Steph has looked tired to me (in) the last couple of games,” Kerr said, per the Athletic’s Anthony Slater. “The All-Star Game stuff, not getting much of a break, three games in four nights…So he looks a little tired but this is all part of the season.”

Curry finished Sunday’s game with 20 points, going 6-0f-19 (31.6%) from the field. He only made one out of his 10 three-pointers and finished with a -22 plus/minus rating. Additionally, the two-time MVP has been shooting quietly as of late. In three of the Warriors’ last four games, Curry’s field goal percentage was below 36%.

Still, the four-time Champion isn’t making excuses. When it was his turn to speak to the media, Curry refuted any idea of him being tired.

“No,” Curry replied when asked if he felt fatigued. “It’s why they’re called averages. You’ve got the highs and the lows of it. The standard that you set when you don’t meet it, there are questions: ‘Are your legs tired?’ No, you just miss shots and you keep shooting. It’s part of the nature of being available and playing every game.”

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And keep shooting he will. Stephen Curry looks to bounce back when the Warriors face the Washington Wizards on Tuesday.

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