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Stephen A. Smith’s Bold Game-Changer: Persuading LeBron James to Join the Knicks, While Lakers Swirl with Rumors!


Stephen A. Smith made his best pitch to LeBron James as Lakers and Knicks trade rumors continue to swirl ahead of the deadline.

The odds of LeBron James actually getting traded prior to the 2024 trade deadline appear to be slim. After all, James’ agent Rich Paul said LeBron is not looking to be traded at the moment. Trade rumors are still swirling, though. Stephen A. Smith of ESPN thinks that joining the New York Knicks would give LeBron a “better shot at a championship.”

“If he wants a better shot at a championship, I would say, it is something he strongly should consider (leaving Los Angeles),” Smith said of LeBron on ESPN First Take. “When I think about the Garden, The Mecca, New York City… The only thing that’s missing from the New York Knicks right now is a superstar.

“We got a star in Jalen Brunson. I’m talking about a superstar.”

Of course, Smith is a fan of the Knicks so perhaps his opinion is biased. But other people around the NBA world have discussed the possibility of LeBron James joining the Knicks.

Will LeBron James request a trade?

In the end, LA likely won’t trade LeBron unless James requests to be moved. There hasn’t been any public trade request as of this story’s writing, and the NBA trade deadline is right around the corner. So unless LeBron makes a last-second public request, or he’s already made a private request, Lakers fans don’t need to worry.

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As we’ve seen in previous seasons, though, anything is possible in the NBA. And LeBron James is 39 years old and wants to win another championship. The Lakers have been plagued by mediocrity during the 2023-24 season, so it will be interesting to see what LeBron chooses to do next.

Even if he remains in LA through the remainder of the 2023-24 campaign, nothing is guaranteed past this season. And the possibility of Bronny James entering the draft could impact LeBron’s next move as well.


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