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Stephen A. Smith Drops Bombshell: Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy to Rescue Dak Prescott from Interception Woes Next Season


Stephen A. believes that Kellen Moore’s absence will affect Dak Prescott.

The Dallas Cowboys have reeled in the changes during the offseason. Dak Prescott remains the primary signal-caller, but they replaced offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, and now coach Mike McCarthy himself will guide the offense. While it’s an unusual choice, it’s not unprecedented, and he might even be able to lower Prescott’s burden. But Stephen A. Smith is not ready to accept the changes yet.

Smith has been a harsh critic of the Cowboys for as long as anyone can remember. He has faith in the soon-to-be 30-year-old. But he is also aware that when the going gets tough, Prescott fails to deliver the goods. “Dak Prescott is going to throw less interceptions,” said Stephen A. Smith during a recent segment of ESPN’s First Take. “He’s not going to be throwing the ball nearly as much as he was when Kellen Moore was there.”

Last season, Prescott had a 7.6 passing average in 12 games, though he missed a few due to injury. Kellen Moore was one of the primary catalysts who managed to get the best out of him. Moreover, reliable tight end Dalton Schultz left in the offseason to join the Houston Texans. Smith pointed that out as one of the main handicaps that will bug the Cowboys.

Dalton Schultz, his security blanket, is no longer there. So you have a situation where Mike McCarthy is going to run the football,” Stephen A. said. Coach McCarthy has prior play-calling experience from his time with the Green Bay Packers. However, Smith is weary of the quarterback’s constant mishaps. “When times get tight and palms get sweaty, this man (Prescott) has shown repeatedly that this moment ain’t made for him,” Stephen A. claimed. It seems the esteemed analyst somehow forgot that Prescott has the second-highest number of game-winning drives, only behind Kirk Cousins.

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Can Mike McCarthy help Dak Prescott reduce his interceptions?

Stephen A. Smith CLAIMS Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy will come to Dak Prescott’s aid in terms of throwing fewer interceptions next season

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy watches quarterback Dak Prescott (Image credit The Dallas Morning News)
Although the Dallas Cowboys finished the last two seasons with a 12-5 record, the best they could achieve was the playoffs. They lost their final game against the 49ers because of a Dak Prescott fumble in the fourth quarter. This has been a thorn in his side since he went pro. But Mike McCarthy believes fans will see a different player in 2023.

“I love the way we’ve challenged Dak,” McCarthy revealed to ESPN. “I love the way he’s attacked it. He’s really handled the changes and adjustments and the input.” The 59-year-old said he prefers a Hall of Fame-level quarterback. He had Aaron Rodgers on his team when he won the Super Bowl.

Prescott is loving the challenge. He said,” I’m being pressed in ways that maybe I haven’t before, but it’s awesome.” That’s fine and all, but he needs to improve on his passing interceptions. In two seasons, he fumbled the ball 18 times and lost it seven times.


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