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Stephen A. Smith delivers a fiery wake-up call to Doc Rivers as team battles with their future


Stephen A. Smith really said it.

Stephen A. Smith is worried about Milwaukee Bucks head coach Doc Rivers. Since taking over as the new head coach of the Eastern Conference powerhouse, the Bucks have only won once in five games. The sample size may still be small to judge Rivers, but there is reason to worry, and that concern will only snowball if Milwaukee can’t turn things around soon.

For Smith, if Rivers fails as a head coach of the Bucks, then he doesn’t see Rivers getting another shot to get the same job ever again in the NBA.

“Do I believe that Doc Rivers will get it together? Well, here’s the reality: He better. Because if he doesn’t, if Doc Rivers doesn’t get it together… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…this will be the last head coaching job he gets in his NBA career. He’s already been a head coach 24 years. This will be it. Orlando and Boston and the Clippers and the Philadelphia 76ers and now the Milwaukee Bucks…”

The Bucks most recently played the Phoenix Suns last Tuesday and they lost to Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns, 114-106. Although the Bucks were missing both Damian Lillard and Brook Lopez in that contest, it was not enough excuse in the eyes of many to absolve Rivers. There is only one solution here for Rivers, and that’s to get the Bucks to win again. Winning takes care of everything, and Milwaukee can start on that mission again this Thursday versus the Minnesota Timberwolves at home.

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