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Steph Curry’s Epic 60-Point Feat Falls on Deaf Ears, Leaving Warriors Fans Fuming!


Steph Curry had a prolific Saturday night as he scored 60 points against the Atlanta Hawks. However, his efforts weren’t enough to help rally the Golden State Warriors to victory. The Dubs lost 141-134 at the hands of Trae Young, Onyeka Okongwu, and Jalen Johnson. While Curry did all that he could to keep the game within reach, his teammates failed to back him up.

NBA fans are now expressing their frustrations on social media after witnessing a magical performance go to waste. Fans talked about how horrible it must feel to carry a team on your back only to see them fail in the end. Here’s what some of them had to say on Twitter:

“Like what more he has to do man🤦‍♂️

“Imagine being this clutch and your team is losing. Warriors have serious conversations to be made among the vets. Front office is beyond a**. Coaching been exposed since KD left. Overall a cooked product🚶😭. We might be actually finished man smh.”


“For the love of God trade Klay please”

“Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 70 points 🔥 “

“Steph rn having to carry those bums everynight”

“Nobody else on the warriors could get 20 pts btw”

“Posting Ls is shameless”

Hawks vs Warriors recap: Steph Curry’s 60 points end up in a heartbreak

Golden State Warriors v Atlanta HawksGolden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks
Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks

It was a heartbreaking night for Steph Curry as his Golden State Warriors lost to the Atlanta Hawks 141-134 in overtime on Saturday. Curry joined players like Joel Embiid and Luka Doncic in the list of players who have scored 60 or more points in a game this season. Steph finished the game with 60 points, six rebounds and four assists. He shot the ball efficiently too, with 57.8% shooting from the field.

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Unfortunately for Curry, he was the only player who stepped up to the occasion. None of the other Warriors players were able to keep up with Steph’s tempo. The next highest-scoring player for Golden State was Lester Quinones who dropped 17 points. Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins failed to show up, with Klay and Andrew scoring 10 and two points respectively.

Overall, the Warriors were poor and it was thanks to Curry that they were able to keep the game within reach. The Hawks players played more like a team compared to Golden State.

Trae Young led his team with 35 points, while his teammates efficiently backed him up. Both Jalen Johnson and Onyeka Okongwu had impressive double-double performances. Johnson added 21 points and 13 rebounds while Okongwu had 22 points and 16 rebounds.

It’s clear the Golden State Warriors are no longer the same team they were a few seasons ago. Until they can find decent help for Steph Curry, Warriors fans might have to deal with watching games go to waste for a while.

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