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Simons’ Jaw-Dropping Encounter: Anfernee’s Epic Face-Off with Damian Lillard in Blazers’ Big Comeback


Damian Lillard made his return to Portland with the Milwaukee Bucks last night, and took a 119-116 loss, and Anfernee Simons opened up on what it was like facing his mentor and former teammate to get the win for the Trail Blazers.

“Nah it was crazy, it was kind of weird you know what I mean?” Anfernee Simons said, via Root Sports. “First time playing an actual game against him. But it was fun you know what I mean? Obviously he plays the same way against anybody you know, he got the same demeanor so. But I’ll put it straight, it felt a little bit different tonight for sure. It felt kind of weird for me. I’m pretty sure it felt weird for everybody. I’m glad he was able to have his moment because he deserves it. You know what I mean he’s the greatest Blazer of all time in my opinion. I’m just happy that we was able to get the win.”

Simons scored a team-high 24 points, and had five assists with three rebounds, while Deandre Ayton scored 20 as well. Jerami Grant, Malcolm Brogdon, Scoot Henderson and Duop Reath all scored in the double digits as well. Damian Lillard scored 25 in his return game against the Trail Blazers, dishing out seven assists and grabbing six rebounds as well. Giannis Antetokounmpo led the way with 27 points.

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Ultimately, it was not enough for the Bucks to get a win. It was a promising performance from many of the young players on the Trail Blazers to get an upset win against one of the contenders in the Eastern Conference.


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