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Paul Pierce Reveals Why Kevin Durant Falls Short of GOAT Status


Kevin Durant believes he belongs in the NBA’s GOAT conversation, but this big reason is preventing him being included according to Paul Pierce.

The NBA GOAT discussion is one that has become more and more prevalent due to the continued success of LeBron James. While many folks believe it’s a two-horse race between him and Michael Jordan, some players, such as Kevin Durant, believe they should be in the conversation as well. According to Paul Pierce, though, there’s one big reason why Durant isn’t included in the debate.

Nobody is doubting Durant’s skills, especially as he continues to play some of the best individual basketball of his career in his age 35 season with the Phoenix Suns. But according to Pierce, Durant’s lack of team success throughout his career is a black mark on his GOAT candidacy, and unless he can do something to change that, he likely will never be taken seriously as a GOAT candidate.

Durant won a pair of championships during his time with the Golden State Warriors, but many fans look down on him for having to join an already established superteam in order to get those rings. With his other teams in the Oklahoma City Thunder, Brooklyn Nets, and now the Suns, Durant hasn’t been able to lead his squad to the promised land, and Pierce believes that’s what is keeping him out of the GOAT discussion.

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Could Duraznt turn things around before he retires? Sure, but he has to start winning titles, which is going to be easier said than done given the strange struggles the loaded Suns have faced throughout the season. Pierce certainly makes a good point with this observation, and while winning titles isn’t everything, Durant’s two championships simply aren’t enough for him to compete with guys like Jordan and James right now.

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