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Nicole Kayla’s Shocking Warning to Taylor Swift: Travis Kelce’s Love for You Exposed as a Sham, Grammy Nomination Snub Leaves Swift Heartbroken


“Nicole Kayla cautions Taylor Swift, saying, ‘This is the time you’ll realize that Travis Kelce doesn’t love you; he’s just using you. Why won’t he attend your Grammy nomination after all your efforts on him support him day and night “

Taylor Swift will be at the 2024 Grammys in Los Angeles on Sunday, but those hoping for a Swift and Travis Kelce red carpet debut will be disappointed. Kelce will not be joining Swift at the February 4 ceremony, TMZ reported on January 30.

Multiple sources told the outlet that Kelce will be arriving in Las Vegas that night, where he will be playing in the Super Bowl the following Sunday, February 11. The outlet wrote that Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs “will be on a strict schedule ahead of squaring up to the 49ers” for the big game.

The sources reiterated that there is “no chance” that Kelce will hop from Vegas to nearby Los Angeles to be with Swift at the awards show. Work comes first, very understandably in this case.

Swift is up for six awards at the Grammys and will not be able to stay in the area too long after. She is due to resume her Eras Tour in Tokyo on February 7. She will play from the 7th to the 10th before immediately leaving after her last Japan show to get to Las Vegas for Kelce’s big game.

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