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Nicki Minaj’s Wild & Sensational Teddy Bear Photo Shoot Leaves Men Breathless


A year ago, on her birthday, Nicki Minaj shared these pictures on her Instagram and broke the internet with her s*xiness


When Nicki Minaj Flaunted Her Huge 'A**'ets In A N*de Photoshoot With A Teddy Bear, Left Everyone Little To Imagination

Nicki Minaj, a Hollywood rapper, singer, and fashion influencer loves to live life in style. She never misses a chance to prove her point that she is a fashionista. She has a massive fanbase. Her upbeat, bold, and sassy styling sense is quite popular among her fans and often gets lauded by them. However, the singer has never shied away from flaunting her huge assets. Scroll below to find the picture that broke the internet!

Nicki Minaj opts for a bright look with pink hair and green pants as she  checks out of her hotel | Daily Mail Online

Nicki has given many back-to-back hit songs to the Hollywood music industry. She was making quite a buzz after her song Tukoh Takah in the FIFA world cup.

Today is Nicki Minaj’s birthday on this special day, let’s take a look back at the time when she posted a picture on her Instagram handle and broke the internet. Last year on her birthday, Nicki shared a photo where she could be seen donning nothing (I repeat nothing). She stripped off completely and posed with a huge fluffy teddy bear. Covering her b**bs with her hand, Nicki flaunted her a** like a diva. Her sultry pose is enough to make any man go weak on their knees and give ‘wet’ dreams!!

However, Nicki Minaj completed her whole look with a pair of high heels and flaunted her pink pony-style hair. For makeup, she opted for a full coverage foundation, properly contoured face with blushed and highlighted cheekbones, defined brows, pink eyeshadow, winged eyeliner and falsies and accentuated the look with a pink n*de matte lip shade.

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Well, that’s Nicki Minaj for you. She can make it fashionable even if she’s not wearing anything!!! What are your thoughts about this look of hers? Let us know in the comments below!


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